Africa [2] is not the continent. This is an anglicized form of Aifric.
Ladies and gentlemen, you've got the wrong name page. You guys are talking about the continent of Africa. In that case, you should go to Africa (1). This is Africa (2). Africa (2) is the anglicized form of Aifric.
Africa isn’t a bad-sounding name, although I wouldn’t suggest calling your child that. It’s not because the name itself is ugly or stupid, it’s simply because kids are kids, and it is highly possible for a child bearing the name Africa to suffer teasing, or maybe even bullying. Also, personally, I’m not crazy about the name because it’s the name of a continent, which can lead to confusion and might seem strange altogether. It can still be seen as a nice name, but I wouldn’t call my future kid that. Thanks for reading.

PS- if my comment has been any kind of offensive, or if it has hurt your feelings in any way, I didn’t mean it to and I really apologize for disrespecting.
Poor kids would get teased to no end. Imagine shouting for your daughter named Africa in the store. People would just think you're nuts.
Um, country names are cool and I feel like it could work even if people have a somewhat negative view of the country for different reasons! Any name that ends like "ca" is neat to me and even if it is not related to the country people are still gonna associate it with it, lmao..
Umm, Africa is not a country...
Ugh. Not my favorite. Can you imagine how a kid with this name would get teased?
I wish people didn't imagine that etymologists "dream up" name origins out of their heads.

The name Africa was used in Ireland from at least the 11th century as a form of Aifric - there is no conceivable connection with the name of the continent.
How could Africa be an anglicisation of Aifric? I wonder what genius etymologist thought up that. The name Africa was obviously given in reference to the continent. I must stress that Africa is not an Irish name, though Aifric is.
Quite late. Like @Betty Blue said above your comment, you don't seem to understand how anglicization works. This name IS an anglicization of Aifric. Etymologists did not "dream this up," and this is an Irish and Scottish name, too.
Ive also seen it spelled Affrica meaning 'pleasant, or pleasing personality'.
The Irish version of this name is Aifric.

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