Concise and handsome. I like it.
Name of the day January 7, 2021.
Agapito Colonna (Rome, 1325 – Rome, 3 ottobre 1380) was an Italian cardinal and a bishop of the Catholic Church; he was nominated cardinal by pope Urban VI, in 1378.
Worst and lamest name ever!
Agapito Conchu (a.k.a. Agapito Concho) is a Filipino silent film director of the mid-1930s.
Agapito Sanchez was a boxer from the Dominican Republic, nicknamed "El Ciclón", in the Super Bantamweight weight class. He won 37 of his 50 fights, 18 by knockout.
Agapito Gómez Álvarez is a retired boxer from Spain, who represented his native country at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.
Better suited to a parrot than a person.

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