It is very cute.
Inxpect  6/5/2021
Ugly and childish nickname.
someone-  4/17/2020
Aggie is a lovely nickname for Agnes. It wouldn't be good as a full name, but I like it for short. If I were to name my daughter Agnes, I would absolutely call her Aggie. It's a really spunky, cute name with loads of personality and fire behind it. Besides, I know a sweet girl who is Agnes and friends call her Aggie and she leaves a good impression on the name.
BeccyLeader2  12/20/2018
Absolutely and utterly disgusting :)
Azifa  12/12/2018
Aggy and Aggie are both horrible names.
Curious me  9/1/2018
Aggie Prenderghast from ParaNorman.
YukaSylvie  5/8/2018
A not so famous statue called "Black Aggie" bears this name.
coolcatevan9  4/15/2010
This name is too infantile to be used as a full name. Unfortunately, Agnes sounds ugly in English. I'd go for something else. If you must, name your daughter Agnes and call her Aggie. She will have certain credibility problems if she's a woman named Aggie.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
I can't imagine anyone ever giving their child this name. It sounds like a name an old woman would have.
princessleia28  8/9/2007
I think Aggie is a really cute nickname, though as a real name, it sounds atrocious.
7up  1/26/2007
In 1 word: YUCK!
― Anonymous User  2/21/2006
In the Broadway musical "Annie," the woman in charge of the orphanage is named Aggie Hannigan.
breakofday  1/7/2006

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