I like the nickname Agnes. This is nice.
Usage: Russian, Estonian, English (Modern)

Pronounced: ug-NYEHS-sə (Russian), ag-NEHS-ə (English)

Meaning: Russian form and English variant of Agnes.
Agnes is pretty, Agnessa is extra.
Also Estonian.
Agnessa Shine :)
This is pretty! And I actually like the name Agnes :)
Not commonly used. Pronounced Ag-nye-sah and diminutives may be Agnessochka or Agusya, however both seem rather clunky. I have never come across this, and it may have severely decreased in popularity.
Thia is the Russian form of Agnes. Pretty rare used these days though the name is pretty.
An all time favorite of mine, I like Nessa as a nickname, I hate the name Vanessa and Nessa isn't strong enough on its own.
I think Agnessa is a rather quaint and beautiful name. It's much, much prettier than the English pronunciation of Agnes.
Pronounced on-YAY-za.
A very sweet name, much nicer than Agnes. It makes me think of flowers and summer!
I like this Russian form of Agnes. It's quite cute.

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