Catalan pronunciation is IE-nə (/ˈajnə/ in IPA). [noted -ed]
Aina, also known as The Mirror, is a 1974 Pakistani film directed by Nazrul Islam. It holds the distinction for being the longest running Pakistani film on record.
Pronounced "EYE-nuh".
I think there are more names that have parallel origins. But besides Finnish, Aina is not Spanish but Balearic or Catalan from the Balearic Islands as stated on the webpage. Spanish is as different to Catalan as for example to Italian. But I can assure you that it has a Catalan (or better Balearic) origin. [noted -ed]
Though this site lists Aina as being of Spanish origin, a large book I own by Leslie Dunkling and William Gosling entitled "The New American Dictionary of Baby Names" claims that Aina is of Scandinavian origin. This is EXACTLY what the book has to say on the name Aina:

"Scandinavian name meaning 'always, until the end'. Especially well known in Finland, but used occasionally in English-speaking countries. Ana may be a variant of this name, or of Anna."

I read the book's definition before I read this one and my familiarity with Finnish names makes it quite hard for me to believe Aina to be a Spanish name. [noted -ed]

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