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According to user Kate, the original Irish spelling is AISLÍN as per Todd, Loreto: "Celtic Names for Children", Dublin, Ireland 2012.
LMS  1/13/2017
Actually the name Aislin is Gaelic (I'm from Ireland) and it is pronounced Eye-leen.
Dudtydc2  8/24/2016
Anyone can pronounce the name however they want! So kind of like the name "Deborah" which I've seen pronounced (without stupid comments from ignorant people) "deb-rah" or "de-bor-rah". Or how about the name "Ariel"? I've heard it pronounced "Air-Ree-Elle" AND "Arr-Ree-Elle" AND "Air-ree-uhl". When I was 16 I thought I just made the name Ayslin up for a short story I was writing and liked it ever since. I didn't even realize there was a Gaelic name spelled similarly but pronounced differently so I certainly wasn't trying to disrespect any language. People make names up all the time. Names throughout history have developed many different spellings and variations. It's just how it is.
Suki20404  2/22/2016
Aislin is not, and never will be, pronounced "Acelyn". Just because your parents were too lazy to look up the correct pronunciation is not a valid excuse to pronounce a name however you feel like. You cannot change a foreign language just because it is too difficult for you to understand. You would never pronounce Renee as Renny, so what makes you think you are entitled to change Irish?
Quro  2/18/2016
My name is Aislin, and it is pronounced like ace-lin and everyone saying that it's a "gross misinterpretation" is so rude and hilarious. My name is awesome and I like it exactly the way it is. Spell it differently if you don't want people to pronounce it like that because some people seem super upset by just a name! Haha, this is great. Such ignorance over a name.
aislinceee  1/20/2016
If you want to pronounce this name AYS-lin, I suggest using the name Acelyn. It's a different name, and it will make everybody happy. Anyway, I pronounce the name ASH-lin, and I really like it. I would use it.
actingfun  9/11/2015
If a parent likes the sound Az-lyn (and it is pretty) then so be it. Gaelic is dead and the pronunciation to a common English speaking person is completely irrelevant, except to sanctimonious Irish people, or an Irish wanna-be.
There is a French name Acelyn, and the Celts also used the name as well... how shall we pronounce this then?
Az-lyn is fine people if you like the way that sounds. If you're naming your child in an attempt to follow Gaelic nomenclature, then use Ash-lyn - the choice is yours.
The only ignorance is in worrying about it.
Hopefully, somebody wouldn't make another person feel badly because they didn't like the way they're name was pronounced.
tennuck  3/6/2015
Firstly, to the above comment, Gaelic is not "dead". Secondly, the pronunciation is "Ash" not Az, and I don't see why you would name your child that and then reinterpret the pronunciation at your whim. Just like Daniel is pronounced Dan-yel and not Dan-eel and Catherine is pronounced Kath-ryn not Katt-her-rein.

Gaelic names can have difficult spellings but the original pronunciation Ashlin or Ashling is very nice.
mezaco  6/3/2015
My name is Aislyn and it's pronounced Azlin! It's not Ashlin, it's not Aisling, it's Aislyn (Azlin)!
aislyn.r  10/2/2014
My name is Aislan spelled differently but pronounced eyes_lin.
Aislan_schlicher  9/1/2014
I know this is a very old thread but surely in this day and age anything goes, well just about anything. I personally like the name 'Aislyn' and like the sound of 'Ay-slin' regardless of how it came to be. Who's to say a parent doesn't throw a bunch of letters together and come up with what they think is their own creation and pronounce it how they see it? They may be completely unaware the letters they've formed have any kind of history attached to them. My real name has a different meaning in Latin than it does in New Zealand Maori (from which my mother gave it) and I've seen varying ways of spelling it too, so where did it originate or which is the correct way? The way I see it, they're all okay, it's a name given to them by their parents for their reasons and that's where it begins for them. Each to their own.
panda72  8/1/2014
It's definitely ASH-lin. Pronouncing it Ays-lin is ALWAYS wrong, and it's just sacrilege, proving that the bearer does not even know the basics of the Irish language. I know there are various ways of spelling it, but aisling is a vocabulary word, it's best to spell it with the "g", and it is not uncommon, and certainly not wrong to pronounce the "g". Sorry, but I'm not one of those people who will let you pronounce it whatever way you want. There are a few different ways of pronouncing it in Ireland, depending on where you live, but the first syllable is always ASH-, because of the pronunciation rules of the Irish language.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2009
I love the spelling of this name, but I prefer it pronounced AYZ-lin. And I KNOW that's not the right pronunciation, so don't bombard me with comments.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2009
I really like the name Aislin, and I know it's pronounced Ashleen, but I personally like it better pronounced as AYSlin. I don't why. Maybe it's because my sister's name is Ashley and it sounds a lot like Ashleen.
lizard  12/20/2008
I just named my daughter Aislyn. We pronounce it Ash-lyn. The 's' is Gaelic and sounds like 'sh' like the actor Sean Connery. My in-laws visited Ireland last year and researched the origin and pronunciation. We are pronouncing it correctly, although the correct spelling is Aisling meaning vision or dream.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2008
I like all versions of this name. My favorite being Aislinn. But the record must be set straight. It is pronounced ASH-Lin, and nothing else. The G in Aisling is SILENT. It is ONLY pronounced ASH-lin.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2008
It is DEFINITELY not pronounced EYES-lin. This is a gross mispronunciation stemming from ignorance of the name's origins and just makes the parent look uneducated. This is an Irish name pronounced ASH-ling or ASH-lin. EYES-lin is just an attempted English pronunciation based on our English phonetics and is simply wrong.
aerynna  6/26/2008
I love the sound "Ashleen". I'm not keen on the original spelling though - to my eyes which are so used to English, the "Ais" is jarring. I would spell it Ashleen, Ashline, or Ashleyne (like Ashley but with -ne).

I don't like the sound "Ashlyn" so much - it's a little sharper, less 'dreamy' like the meaning of the name suggests!

I think someone told me that the two pronunciations are used, depending on whether there is an accent on the last 'i' - can anyone verify this?
aquamarina  2/27/2008
Aislín McGuckin (b. 1974) is an Irish actress.
Kate  9/14/2007
I've always thought this a very pretty name, although unfortunately it's too trendy. I also hate hearing it mispronounced like AYS-lin or whatever. But, perhaps unfortunately, people have the right to give their children (almost) any name they want, or pronounce any name in whatever way their will, or ignorance, dictates.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2007
It's pronounced Ash-lin or Ash-leen because it's GAELIC. I hate people pronouncing it wrong. Why would you think ASS-lyn would be a cute name? Oh, and spelling it Aislyn would seem ignorant, as there is no Y in the Gaelic language.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2007
I think this name is really cute when pronounced "Ayes-lin."
elysa  3/14/2007
"Ashleigh/Ashley" and "Ashling" might sound similar, but they have very different roots; "Ashley" was once a male name meaning "field of ash trees" while "Aisling" is a Gaelic name meaning "dream", "vision". And frankly, I'm not happy to hear about parents slapping these nauseatingly trendy names onto their daughters (all the while deluded that they are being unique) and then mispronouncing the name; "Aisling" is pronounced "ASH-ling", not "AYS-lin" (I cringe at the warped pronunciation!)
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
It would be a better name if it was pronounced AYS-LIN. Aislin doesn't even have a G! Where does the ING sound come from?
Taydbug112  12/27/2006
It's hilarious to see these trendy parents slapping this hideous name on their daughters, and then pronouncing it as 'ay-slin'.
jazzbaby  6/14/2006
I'm going to call my first daughter Aislin, after my younger sister, Ashleigh, because it is the Irish equivalent and we both have Irish blood. She's an inspiration to me because she's been very ill all her life and she never complains - she's brave and witty and I feel honoured to be related to her.
hana  2/7/2006
Aislin was the name of the queen, Inan's mother, in the film "Dragonheart".
Arowen Half-Elven  1/19/2006
It's not pronounced ASH-lin. It's AYz-lin.
Arowen Half-Elven  1/19/2006
No, the first syllable IS pronounced like 'Ash.' Educate yourself before correcting others who are much more likely to know what they're talking about.
― Anonymous User  6/1/2007
Aislin or Aislyn is a better name than Ashley because it is less common. I prefer Aislyn/Aislin to Aisling. People also say "ashlin" or "ashling" instead. It's annoying.
rubberduckiiz2  1/4/2006

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