I absolutely love this name! It's so pretty and unique! In fact, this is the name of my protagonist in my book!
My name is Aislynn. I pronounce it A's lynn, but I will also accept Ashlynn. My nicknames are A, Ais and Aisy. It is a pretty uncommon name in my area, I have never met someone named Aislynn (spelled or pronounced any way).
I dreamt of my daughter and her name (spelling & pronunciation) when I was 16. When I looked it up and saw what the name Aislinn meant; I thought it was fitting that it meant dream or vision. I spell it Aizelynd and pronounce it Ay-zuh-lind. We call her Aizey (Azy/Azee) as a nickname. Aizelynd-Faye meaning Dream or Fairy Vision. Faye is also after her great-grandmother.
I spell it Aislinn but I pronounce it way different than anyone else who has commented. I pronounce it azlin (like the lion in Narnia). I've had people pronounce it so many different ways but the most common is Ayeslinn which personally I don't like but I love the original Irish pronunciation.
My name is Aslinn, my parents dropped the first “i” from Aislinn because they thought it was too Irish/ Gaelic for America. I absolutely love my name, most people pronounce my name As-Lynn! Meaning a vision or a dream!
My middle name is Aislinn and my family pronounces it az-leen, which I quite prefer over Ashlynn. There's also the Canadian actress Aislinn who pronounces hers closer to ēz-leen.
I go by the nickname Azzy, Z.Z., Snazzy, and Ace. I don't know why, but I would drive me crazy if anyone called me Ash or Lynn. Probably because it's such a common nickname for such a unique name that it would feel like an insult or something. Trying to make me less unique or something ;)
My name is Aislinn and is pronounced Az-Lynn by my friends and family. Even though the correct pronunciation is said to be Ash-Lynn (according to the internet) every true Irish person I've met pronounces it ace-Lynn or ā-zlynn. I would change the spelling if you want North America to say it right though (at least for your child's sake). My entire life people have slaughtered it trying to pronounce it. I'm now to the point in my life I just listen for the "I'm going to mess this up..." and cut them off and say "here" lol.
My name is Aislinn and it's pronounced Izlin. Instead of ice at the beginning there's a z sound.
The name Aislinn was given to 276 girls born in the US in 2016.
My name is Aislinn. It means "vision" or "daydream". It is pronounced Aze-lynn and Azy for short. Mom got it from a book, Wolf and Dove, by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I did some research on the history of the name way back, and had it confirmed by Melissa Marr from her own research, during an ARC meeting of Wicked Lovely. It's from an Irish poem/ballad from the 17th century; it's told through the POV of a lover who has had his true love spirited away by the fae king who makes her his bride. Love this tale. Kinda like the Persephone/Hades storyline. Tons of retellings.
I have always been told that Aislinn means "back with us". In Irish ar ais linn means back with us - it's also a popular name for rehab centres for that reason.

It's the reason my mom named me Aislinn instead of Aisling anyway

And is pronounced ash-lynn based on that.
My name is Aislinn but it´s spelled Aislyn. My friends pronounce it Ace-lnn some of them call me Ace or Azy but I don´t care, I just love my name no matter what people call me, even if they say it wrong. Irish names are so beautiful.
My name is Aislinn and pronounced ASH-lyn. I love my name, it is cool, amazing, and NOT fake like some other person said it was. It does originate from Ireland. My dad was born there and he gave me this beautiful name. It also could be pronounced in many different ways, like Icelan, or Ayslin, etc...
Aislinn Paul is a Canadian actress who is known for playing Clare Edwards in Degrassi: The Next Generation.
I have a half-step-second-once-removed (something like that) cousin with this name, and she pronounces it how it looks: Ace-lin. I prefer the spelling Aislin, but I like the way my cousin Aislinn pronounces it. She's about 30, I think. Ash-lin makes me think of Ashley/Ashleigh, a name I really don't like, and I can't stand the name Ashlyn. Aislinn looks much nicer. I think that Aislinn, pronounced either way, is a very beautiful name with a lovely meaning.
I like this; I like it a lot. I think it's better than the spelling Aislin.
I love this name. My daughter is named Aislinn Rae. I love how great they sound together, and they meanings to them both. So positive and happy!
I know two girls with this name - one pronounces it 'Ays-lin' and the 'Ai-lin'. I'm assuming the latter is a French pronunciation.
I read it in a book and fell in love with it. It's absolutely my favorite version of this name. I will definitely be giving this name to my girl.
I have a friend named this, and she pronounces it AYS-lin.
Aislinn is a beautiful old Irish name everyone seems to think it comes from the name aisling but this is not true. Aisling is a newer version of name Aislinn it is pronounced as ash-lynn not ashling or ashleen.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but "Aislinn" doesn't mean anything in Irish, old or modern. "Aislinn" IS a just a corruption of the word, and later, name, Aisling which means "vision" or "fantasy", not just an ordinary dream. And the pronunciations ASH-ling and ASH-leen, as opposed to just ASH-lin, arose because of differences in the pronunciation of Irish across the four provinces. Neither one is more correct than the other. I have done some research, and the oldest form of the the word "aisling" I can find is "aislinge" (middle Irish). "Aislinn" is definitely modern invention/mutation, not an older spelling of aisling. I would seriously question your proficiency in the Irish language.
Calm down Udine. No one has to follow any original spelling or pronunciation of any name, "correct" by your standards or not. If this was always the case then no new names would come about. We'd all have names like we were characters in Beowulf (Ogden, Gwalan, and such), at least those of us with Anglo-Saxon or Celtic heritage. I prefer the pronunciation of Aze-LYnn and the spelling Aislinn, but that's just me. That's just me stating my opinion NOT acting like an over-educated pretentious jerk, pushing my gathered knowledge to put others down over something as simple as a name.
Aislinn is the main character of Melissa Marr's "Wicked Lovely". Called "Ash" by her friends.
Pronounced Ash-lyn.
My name's Aislinn and everyone I know calls me a different name, including Ice-lyn, Aslan (like the lion from Narnia!), my mum insists on calling me ash-leen so does my grandma. But I also have loads of nicknames that my friends call me, like Ashy, Ash and Baislin(?) lol. But I like my name! Its meaning is really nice as well, dream or vision.
This gorgeous Irish classic is not pronounced ICE-lynn or ASH-lyn. The correct pronunciation is ASH-ling; a more modern variant is ash-LEEN.
In Gaelic it means 'a dream'.
There is also another variant of the name, Iselin. It is used in Norway as I know.
Aislinn means inspiration. I love it, it is one of my top three favorites!

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