In 2019 the name Aiza was given to 30 girls in Ontario, Canada.
Aiza Evfratkyzy Imambek or Mambekova (Kazakh: Айза Евфратқызы Имамбек; born 25 February 1999) is a Kazakh figure skater. She is the 2019 Reykjavik International silver medalist, the 2018 FBMA Trophy bronze medalist, and a four-time Kazakhstani national silver medalist (2014–2018). She represented Kazakhstan at the 2018 Winter Olympics, placing 30th.
Aiza Gazuyeva (1983 – November 29, 2001) was a Chechen woman, known for committing a suicide attack that killed General Gaidar Gadzhiyev, a major general of the Russian Army, on November 29, 2001. Despite being personally motivated and not political, it was one of the first notable shahidka (Chechen female suicide bomber) attacks to occur in Russia, and Gazuyeva became a semi-legendary figure among anti-Russian sentiment in Chechen society.

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