I like this name! Simple, elegant, feminine, really nice name. Alaina has beauty!
Alaina, Aliana, Elena, Eliana,... they all seem to be growing in popularity. They’re all pretty, feminine names!
I prefer Alaina to Aliana, Elena, Alayna, Alana and my is it GORGEOUS!
Very pretty. I also prefer Aliana (pronounced Allie and), although they are both beautiful!
A friend of mine named their baby girl Alaina 7-8 months ago. My 2 month old niece is Aliana which I think is pretty as well.
Beautiful. On our baby girl name list, although leaning towards Aliana (pronounced Allie ana). We both fell in love with the name Eliana after meeting a little girl with the name. E names are a bit trendy and we prefer a name beginning with the letter A... Alaina or Aliana are perfect, feminine, and absolutely gorgeous names!
I don't think that this is a modern or made up name.

Alaina Capri, an actress, was born in 1939.

Actor Alain Delon has a daughter named Alaina, named after him, born in 1994.

I think this might be a feminine form of Alain.
I love this name. I think the spelling and sound are beautiful and it’s hard to mispronounce. One of my all-time favorites.
This is my name and I like it (I used to dislike it as a child— I had the nickname Lainy but grew out of it). I like the spelling Elena also. Alaina, like Elena, can also be a variant of Helen. Growing up I met one or two Alainas with the same spelling so it wasn't super common. I was born in 1996 before it got too popular. The downside is that there are a lot of variations in spelling so my name is often misspelled.
My mom named me Alaina-Maria in 1972. She saw an ad for a movie starring Alaina Capri. The Maria part is after my great grandmother. I love my name and I love the spelling. I also love that I don't know anyone else personally with the same name.
Various spellings of this name are more common than others - I'm not fond of Alaina or Alayna at all, but Elaina isn't bad, and Elena is by far the best. Because I'm most familiar with Elaina and Elena, Alaina and Alayna look like overly creative spellings that won't work in other languages, even if that's not always the case. I suggest Elena instead.
I have a cousin with this name. I love the way this name flows! It is pretty and there are so many different spellings of it, so although you hear it often, you hear each unique spelling. I love it!
I LOVE this name, but I think the spelling is ridiculous. Maybe Elana or Alana would be a lot better - not Alaina.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:

Alaina Claire
Alaina Paige
Alaina Morgan
Alaina Jessa
Alaina Charlotte
Alaina Josephine
Alaina Caroline
Alaina Violet
Ingrid Alaina
Lauren Alaina
Greta Alaina.
If my last name didn't have the sound Lane in it I would use this name. Alayna and Alaina are beautiful and will age well. A nice modern touch to Elaina/Elaine. It will stand the test of time. Means rock.
I have a friend named Alaina, and I think it's a pretty cool name. Personally, I don't find this name "special" or anything. I don't hate the name, but I think it's just not a name I'd use for something important and special to me.
I came across this name because of Eminem and immediately fell in love with it. Five years later, it's still on my list. Though I sometimes cannot decide if I prefer this spelling or Alayna. I am not such a big fan of nicknames, but I happen to like all the possible ones for Alaina, except for Al. I don't even like that on a male. But there'd be no need for Al anyway, a tomboy named Alaina could always go by Lane.

It surprises me that this name as popular as it is. I figured that it would be somewhere past 500 or so on the Top 1000. It's seems to be rising every year as well, so by the time I might decide to have kids this name might have cracked the Top 100.
This is my cousin's name, and I love it. It's hard to believe that this is a "modern" name, because there's something I find so. *magical* about this name. Almost like it belongs in a fantasy/adventure story.
I love this name, if only there wouldn't be the Eminem association and the annoying cutesy nickname Lainie/Laney/Lani.
I personally love this name, it's pretty and unique, it's not a name you hear every day.
This name is adorable! a cute nickname is Laine. My sister's middle name is Laine. I like the spelling Alayna, but I prefer Alaina. If I have a girl I'm naming her Alaina!
Will Scarlett's wife from Robin of Sherwood, although it's way better spelled with an E.
I hate this name. It's stupid and ugly.
Of Irish origin meaning 'attractive/peaceful'.
Alaina Capri was one of Russ Meyer's actresses, appearing in 1967's Common Law Cabin and Good Morning and ... Goodbye!
Alaina Reed Hall is an American actress, best known for her roles as Olivia, Gordon's kid sister on Sesame Street and Rose Lee Holloway on 227. She is also credited as Alaina Reed.
I love the name Alaina, with the "i" spelling. I used this as the name of a main character in a story. I think it's a very elegant and even mysterious name.
I like this spelling of the name better than any other spellings of it.
My name is Alaina, and I've always personally liked it. I always thought it was cool that I was the only one I knew with the name "Alaina" as opposed to names like "Emily" or "Katelyn" which are so popular.
It's a very cute name! One of my favourites! You could have the nickname "Ally" or "Lainie".
This is such a beautiful name. The spelling Alayna is also nice.
Some other versions of this name are Elena, Elayna, Alena, Elaina, and Alayna.
I LOVE this name, but much more prefer the spelling 'Alayna'.
Alaina is the name of rapper Eminem's adoptive daughter, Alaina Mathers, nicknamed Lainie. She was mentioned in the song "Mockingbird". Alaina is Eminem's (Marshall Mathers') wife Kim's niece; Eminem has custody.
A pet name of Alaina is Laney or Lanie.

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