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I know two Alanas, both pronounce it uh-lawn-uh.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2018
I pronounce my name "Alana" as A-lay-na.
AlanaBeneteau  1/26/2017
I love my name. Uh-Lah-Nah is how it's pronounced. A-L-A-N-A is how it is spelled but that pageant girl Honey Boo Boo ruined it for me, but I wouldn't change my name for the rest of my life.
alana_ banana  10/10/2016
My name is Alana and it is pronounced Uh-lah-na. But I have friends with the same name and it's proposed uh-lay-na. To me it's still beautiful.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2016
This is my cousin's name and it is pronounced Ah-lah-Na. I think the Ah-lan-a version is a bit more Americanized, as I've never heard it said that way in Australia.

What I find weird about my cousin, is the fact our grandad and uncle are both Alan. So unless my aunt did it after them, which I doubt, I find it a bit odd.
Miss-Rory  5/23/2008
I know a girl with this name, but it's pronounced like El-aine-a.
bellaboo  4/10/2007
This is my name. I love it, but I hate when people don't pronounce it right. I say mine a-LAY-na. I don't like a-LAN-a or a-LAWN-a at all, but that's what people say to me all the time. I wish my parents would have spelled it Alaina or Alayna so people would know how to say it.
tinydancer07  3/11/2007
This name is okay, but it should be pronounced uh-LAH-nuh. If you're going to pronounce it uh-LAY-nuh then you should have just named your kid Elaina.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2007
I have always pronounced this name as a-LON-ah instead of a-LAN-ah. I think it is prettier with the soft a.
glassmidnight  10/1/2006
I have a very eastern European last name so my parents decided to go with a similar first name. I pronounce it uh-LAY-nuh. I like it much better than the traditional pronunciation.
blujay  5/30/2006
My friend likes to pronounce Alana Ah-LON-ah.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2005
I (and about half of the people who try to say it) pronounce my name a-LAH-na. Personally I like it better this way, but maybe that's just because it's my name.
Alannnna  6/9/2005

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