Nice beautiful name.
My name is Alanah (I have a h on the end which I prefer), and I've always thought it's a weird name that doesn't feel real, but maybe that's just because it's my name and I get impostor syndrome or something. It just seems so plain... but it's not a bad name. I looked up the meaning for Alanah and with an h it's Hawaiian which makes me like it a lot better for some reason haha. I would kinda prefer to go by Allie or something but I can't be bothered getting people to call me that and it would feel weird but yeaaaaa.
Alana is a very beautiful name! I love it.
I prefer Lana.
I have only ever heard this pronounced as ah-LAH-na. Never as uh-LANN-a.
It's nice.It's a bit 80s/90s/early 00s dated and very skateboard/surfer-ish.I like it.
Really pretty and unique. It sort of reminds me of a rabbit.
I like the name Alana, and I love that it is being used a lot more in the UK. Alanna is also another spelling. I know a girl named Ellana.
Alana Hadid.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Alana is my girlfriend’s name and it’s pronounced (uh-LON-uh). I think it’s a beautiful name.
I like Alana, but agree Aliana is prettier.
Very pretty. I prefer Aliana (pronounced Alee ana), but both are beautiful!
This name is really, really beautiful in my opinion. A nickname for this could be 'Lana', which I think is just as pretty as Alana! If your name is Alana, you are very lucky to have such a stunning name.
This name is very special :)
My name is Alana, I kinda like it, it’s pronounced Al-an-a. People at school always called me Alana Banana and I hate it, little kids have also come up to me and started singing Alana-oh na na, Alana-oh na na, my heart is in Alana, Alana, Alana-oh na na...
They basically sing Havana and say Alana instead of Havana, I also hate when they do this.
I've only ever heard it pronounced "uh-LAY-nuh," but I do like both pronunciations. It's a cute name.
I learned a lot about my name that I never knew.
Also used in Czech:
Also used in Slovak:
This name is growing on me, I like it only if pronounced ah-lah-nah.
Alana Beck is a character in the musical Dear Evan Hansen.
Also Breton: [noted -ed]
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alana who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 920th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Beautiful name.
Very nice.
Very precious and beautiful. I dislike all other spellings.
A beautiful and modern sounding name yet with an element of mystique and old age glamour to it.Some meanings are:
‘cherished’, 'beautiful', ‘darling child’, ‘harmony’, ‘serene’, ‘little rock’ (beautiful to look at and rare but also strong, tough and unbreakable like a precious gemstone or jewel) The name has multiple origins. It can be derived from the Old High German word for ‘precious’ or from the Irish language term “a leanbh” for ‘child’ or from the Goidelic/ Hawaiian community meaning ‘fair’, ‘beautiful offering’. In Gaelic ‘Alanna’ is the term for ‘beauty’ or ‘serenity’. Depending on the interpretation the name's roots can therefore be Old High German / Hawaiian / Irish / Gaelic. The Alana I know was named after a great-great-grandmother of Dutch and French heritage called ‘Anna’ (pronounced ‘Ana’ like one of the lead characters in the Frozen film).Characters with the given name: Alana (a royal mermaid princess in King Triton’s court), Alana Yarn (famous author in the Storybook Rainbow Magic Fairies series), Alana (protagonist main character from the ‘Alana Dancing Star’ series by Arlene Phillips), Alana of Trebond (fictional heroine in the Tortall novels), Alana (sporty, kind main character from the cartoon Dora the Explorer)Some people with the given name: Alana Blanchard (American surfer), Alana Curley (American dancer), Alanna Nash (journalist), Alanna Nobbs (historian), Alanna Schepartz (scientist), Alanna Kraus (Canadian skater), Alana Aoun (bridal & couture designer), Alana Spencer (British business woman & Apprentice Winner).
I like both pronunciations of this name and I used to like this spelling of it, but now I think it looks slightly better spelled Alaina.
I know two Alanas, both pronounce it uh-lawn-uh.
I love names that end with a, and its meaning is nice.
My name is spelled Alanah, and it is pronounced uh-LAH-na, and I agree that I too hate it when teachers mispronounce my name. Especially when there's a substitute, and they haven't been corrected by me yet, so they say, "uh-LAY-na". Finally I get so tired of correcting them, I just give up and say, "here". I also find it very inconvenient when I'm meeting new people and they never remember my name. It does mean beautiful or something along those lines, which would be nice if I actually applied to it!And I've been nicknamed 'Alanah banana' by my friends which I love!
I pronounce my name "Alana" as A-lay-na.
I love my name. Uh-Lah-Nah is how it's pronounced. A-L-A-N-A is how it is spelled but that pageant girl Honey Boo Boo ruined it for me, but I wouldn't change my name for the rest of my life.
Not a fan of this. It sounds kinda vapid, and of course there's the association with Honey Boo Boo from that trashy reality show.
My name is Alana and it is pronounced Uh-lah-na. But I have friends with the same name and it's proposed uh-lay-na. To me it's still beautiful.
My name is Alana and I love the name. It's beautiful, but some people interpret it the wrong way and think you're a llama.
Alana Rivera was the name of Adrienne Bailon's character in the TV show, "That's So Raven".
I named my baby girl Allanaa, because it sounds good and has a good meaning...
I hate that this name has been ruined for me by people I know with it. I like it otherwise, but every Alana/Elana that I've known has been awful. Hopefully I'll meet someone that will fix it for me, because I really like the sound.
A famous bearer is Alana Haim of the band Haim.
My name is Alana, but it's spelt Alarna because my parents wanted people to call me A-lar-na not A-lan-a. I have always liked my name, even though I've always thought it sounds a little weird. My friends call me Alley or AJ (my initials) for short, because it's a bit of a mouthful saying a three syllable word constantly! I don't know anyone with this name, nor anyone who spells it like I do, so it feels odd being in a chat room full of people who have the same name as me!
We loved this name, until we tried spelling it backwards...
Alana Bloom is a character on the television series "Hannibal."
My name is allanah but spelt differently. I have always loved my name. I think it is very beautiful.
Also derived from Gaelic words ó leanbh "oh child" and álainn "beautiful".
Honey Boo Boo ruined this name for me. Now I can't see it without thinking about those disgusting and inappropriate child beauty pageants.
Alana Thompson: honey boo boo!
My daughter's name is Alana. Yes, it is not a popular name and I am sure many people will mispronounce it throughout her life. Her name is pronounced Ah-Lah-Na. It is NOT pronounced Ah-Lay-Na. I think both versions are lovely. Being from Latin America myself and living in the US, I am used to Americans repeatedly mispronouncing foreign names, especially if they don't speak another language, or have limited exposure to diversity. People should not shy away from giving their children a name they love because it will be mispronounced by strangers. People from other countries suffer this situation throughout their lives and they continue to take pride in their names and to continue to give their children culturally meaningful Non-American names? Being teased because of a name?... trust me, kids will find SOMETHING to tease your child about. :-) Alana in my opinion is a very musical name--it sounds peaceful and feminine. Great nicknames for a girl named Alana would be Lana, Laney, Ana, or Alley.
My parents were Irish and dad often called both my mum and us children, Alana. We always understood it to be a term of endearment - 'my darling'.
Alana Stewart is an actress and former model. She is the ex-wife of Rod Stewart and the mother of his daughter Kimberly.
Growing up, my grandpa, who I was very close to, always called me "Alana" in place of my real first name (Rylie) because he always thought that I looked more like an "Alana" than a "Rylie" I always thought it was funny that he called me by that name and not my real one, so I would always smile when he would say things like "How was school today, Alana?" or "Alana, can you pass me the horseradish?"
His health is slowly declining, and, God forbid, it doesn't look as if he will make it much longer, so in the future, I plan on naming my daughter Alana, in rememberance of my beloved grandpa :)
I LOVE this name. It's so pretty.
The only pronunciation of this name I like is uh-LAN-uh (rhymes with Hannah).
Alana is a nice name. Not too trendy which is cool.
When I saw a tv coverage about the Beslan school hostage crisis there was a story told about a family with two children to be held hostage. They were named Alan and Alana. Both survived. I have no further information if either Alana or Alan are common names in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania or anywhere else in East Europe. But I agree with the parents of one of the above posters who did choose Alana as a name for their daughter that would go with an East European sounding last name.
I've never heard of the English name Alana. The Irish name, usually spelled 'Alannah', does not come from Alan or álainn, but from the common term of endearment 'a leanbh'. This literally means 'my baby' but is used to mean 'my dear' or 'my darling', usually to a younger person. It is pronounced 'a lan-uv' in some parts of Ireland, but in Ulster is pronounced (approximately) 'a lan-u' - which was shortened and probably anglicized to alannah. Many people still use it as an endearment, as in "don't worry, a leanbh (alannah), it will be alright". It's a bit like 'Macushla' - mo chúisle; Irish emigrants brought it overseas, and people liked the sound and meaning of it.
Please, stop saying Alana is an Irish name. And it burns my eyes every time I see the word "Gaelic" used to refer to the Irish language - in Ireland, we play Gaelic! Gaelic means Gaelic football, not Irish language. The proper Irish word for our language is Gaeilge, by the way.
Well, yes, usage of this name in Ireland has been inspired by "álainn" which means "beautiful" in Irish. However, that still doesn't make it an Irish name. Alana is simply an ENGLISH feminine form of a Alan, a Breton name, and its real meaning doesn't go beyond the meaning of Alan - "little rock" or "handsome".
Canadian actress Teryl Rothery has a daughter Jean Alana, born 3rd October 2008 at 5:26 PM.
In Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness, Alana of Trebond is a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to become a knight.
This is my cousin's name and it is pronounced Ah-lah-Na. I think the Ah-lan-a version is a bit more Americanized, as I've never heard it said that way in Australia.What I find weird about my cousin, is the fact our grandad and uncle are both Alan. So unless my aunt did it after them, which I doubt, I find it a bit odd.
Alana comes from the Irish A leanbh or A leanna which is how you call a child to you.
Whilst this name does have Irish origins, meaning 'attractive/peaceful', it is also a French variation of Helen, from the Hebrew, meaning 'tree' and also of Hawaiian origin, meaning 'offering' (feminine form of Alan).
This is my name and I love it! It's a fairly unusual name which I like, unfortunatly this does tend to lead to mis-pronunciations (I have the Celtic pronunciation (ah-lah-na). It's easy, just sound it out! :P I've also come across a handful of teachers etc who cannot grasp the simple spelling! However, one of my pet hates is the shortening of my name to Lana, that's not my name so I don't answer to it!
This my name. =) I like it most of the time, except I have two friends named Deanna and Rhianna, and sometimes our names get mixed up. I also know people named Bryanna and Kianna. ^_^
It has a great sound pronounced a-lan-ah.
In the series of "Star Wars" books, Jacen Solo, the eldest son of Han and Leia, has a daughter with Tenel Ka who is named Allana.
I know a girl with this name, but it's pronounced like El-aine-a.
This is my name. I love it, but I hate when people don't pronounce it right. I say mine a-LAY-na. I don't like a-LAN-a or a-LAWN-a at all, but that's what people say to me all the time. I wish my parents would have spelled it Alaina or Alayna so people would know how to say it.
This is my name. I love it because it always has a good meaning (it's Irish and means beautiful fair, etc. And some sites say it is also Hawaiian and basically means the same thing). I'm named after my dad who I don't really get along with, which is the only downfall besides wrong pronunciations and spellings.
I was named this (I'm of the Uh-LAH-nah pronunciation), and I've always HATED having it for a name. No one can pronounce it, no one can spell it, and it's appalling how many people seem to MILITANTLY believe this is not a real name--I had a teacher who insisted on spelling and pronouncing my name Elena, the entire year, and I've had so many people, even after being corrected or specifically asking me the spelling/pronunciation calling me Ee-lay-nah/El-layne-uh/whatever else anyway. It's as if they're doing it for spite because they don't consider it a proper name. I also had a boss who'd named his daughter the same thing (it might have been spelled Alona though) and insisted on continually lecturing me on how my name was Hawaaian in origin and refusing to believe mine was the Celtic version. I go by Lana now, just to avoid the mispronouncing and "That's really your name?! disbelief.
My name is Alana (uh lah na), and I've been called Alana Banana (so embarassing) but besides that I think the name is pretty cool and I'm loving the meanings.
This name is okay, but it should be pronounced uh-LAH-nuh. If you're going to pronounce it uh-LAY-nuh then you should have just named your kid Elaina.
I think the name Alana would sound pretty like this: alan-a - a bit like Elena.
I like this name; very simple and elegant. I always pronounced it 'Ah-lah-nah'. There is also a character on the show The 4400 named 'Alana' with this pronuncation, I think.
I have always pronounced this name as a-LON-ah instead of a-LAN-ah. I think it is prettier with the soft a.
Hate Alan, LOVE Alana. No Allannahs or Allaneahs, please, stick with Alana!
I love it! So pretty, my daughter's name will be Carys Alana.
Alana is a beautiful name for a girl. Easy to grow up with too. I prefer this spelling the best.
I have a very eastern European last name so my parents decided to go with a similar first name. I pronounce it uh-LAY-nuh. I like it much better than the traditional pronunciation.
I have always liked this name, a-LAN-a. I only know of one person with this name. Nice that it isn't an overly used name.
Alana banana.
I named my daughter Alana Yayra which means beautiful blessing, Alana Irish meaning Beautiful and Yayra Ewe Ghana African meaning blessing.
I think the name Alana is quite weird, haha. My dad's name is Alan so I guess I shouldn't diss the name too much because I'm named after him. I guess it's not too bad. There's not many people I know of with the same name. :)
This is one of Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid. She has a pink tail.
My friend likes to pronounce Alana Ah-LON-ah.
I (and about half of the people who try to say it) pronounce my name a-LAH-na. Personally I like it better this way, but maybe that's just because it's my name.
Alana is an Irish/Celtic name, which means "fair maiden" or "beautiful maiden". (it's my name so I've researched it's meaning).
The name "Alana" originally is of the Irish origin and means "beautiful", "peaceful", and "serene".

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