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Hi, there! Somehow, you've stumbled upon my account. I'm just here to vibe and look at names. I love names, that's why I have this account. If you want to message me, we can chat. Do consider, I'm fairly shy to begin with; as this is the worldwide web. I may not immediately respond, since I have life. My name preferences? Here's how it goes: I either like it or I don't! I don't necessarily have a style. These are my favorites, as of now. They change very often.Masculine: Dylan, Zacharias, Evander, Matthew, Anthony, Seth, Travis, Tristan, Peter
Feminine: Alana, Celia, Alyssa, Serena, Elise, Juniper, Nadine, Rosalind, Teresa
Unisex: Jasper, Reese, Corin, Avery, Jordan, Ashton, Blake, Alex, SawyerI'm also 17 years old, and a minor. Don't try any creepy stuff. Another thing, I don't tolerate Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, and Ableism. Also, please refrain from using any slurs around me. Especially the F-slur. That's a nice way to make me resent you.Thanks for dropping by!

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