Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. AN(French, English)
A-nə(Danish, German)

Meaning & History

French form of ANNA. It was imported to England in the 13th century, but it did not become popular until three centuries later. The spelling variant Ann was also commonly found from this period, and is still used to this day.

The name was borne by a 17th-century English queen and also by the second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn (the mother of Queen Elizabeth I), who was eventually beheaded in the Tower of London. This is also the name of the heroine in Anne of Green Gables (1908) by Canadian author L. M. Montgomery.

Related Names

VariantsAnn, Anna(English) Anna(Swedish) Anna(Norwegian) Anna(Danish) Anna(Finnish) Anna(Estonian) Anna(German) Anna(Dutch) Ane(Basque)
DiminutivesAnnette, Annie, Anny, Anouk, Ninon(French) Annette, Annie, Nan, Nancy, Nanette, Nannie, Nanny(English) Annette, Anette(Swedish) Annette, Anette(Norwegian) Annette, Anette(Danish) Annette, Annett(German) Annette, Annie, Annet(Dutch)
Other Languages & CulturesQuanna(African American) Hannah(Arabic) Anna, Hanna(Belarusian) Anna, Hannah(Biblical) Anna(Biblical Greek) Channah(Biblical Hebrew) Anna(Biblical Latin) Anna, Annaig, Annick(Breton) Ana, Anna, Anelia, Aneliya, Ani, Anka, Neli(Bulgarian) Aina, Anna, Anaïs(Catalan) Ana, Hana, Anica, Anita, Anja, Anka, Ankica, Jana, Nensi(Croatian) Anna, Hana, Aneta(Czech) Anna(Faroese) Antje(Frisian) Ana, Anano, Ani, Anuki(Georgian) Anna(Greek) Chana, Chanah, Hanna, Hannah(Hebrew) Anna, Hanna, Anett, Anikó, Panka, Panna, Panni(Hungarian) Anna, Hanna(Icelandic) Nainsí(Irish) Anna, Annabella, Annetta(Italian) Anna, Anita(Latvian) Ona(Lithuanian) Anke, Antje(Low German) Ana(Macedonian) Ann(Manx) Anna, Anaïs(Occitan) Anna, Hanna, Aneta, Ania, Anika, Anita, Anka, Hania(Polish) Ana, Anabela, Anita(Portuguese) Ana, Anișoara, Anca, Ancuța, Ani(Romanian) Anna, Ania, Annushka, Anushka, Anya(Russian) Annag, Nandag(Scottish) Ana, Anica, Anja, Anka, Jana(Serbian) Anna, Hana(Slovak) Ana, Anica, Anika, Anita, Anja, Anuša, Nuša(Slovene) Hana(Sorbian) Ana, Anabel, Ani, Anita(Spanish) Anna, Ganna, Hanna(Ukrainian) Henda, Hendel, Hene, Henye(Yiddish)
Same SpellingAnne (2)
User SubmissionsÁnne, Anne


People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   refined   simple   serious   nerdy  

Name Days

Estonia: July 26
Finland: December 9
France: July 26


Entry updated May 29, 2020