Beautiful name in both spelling and looks. If I ever have a daughter, her name will be either Ann or Anne, can't decide which spelling to go with. I don't even know if Ann will be her first name or second. There are many Annies in my ancestry so this name and its variants have a lot of sentimentality for me.
Morna Anne Murray, known as Anne Murray, CC, ONS, is a retired Canadian singer. Her albums consisting primarily of pop, country, and adult contemporary music and have sold over 55 million copies worldwide during her over 40-year career.
On 11 February 2006, Vice President Dick Cheney shot a man while quail hunting on a Texas ranch.The incident is largely remembered for its instant satirical value, and for continuing to diminish the reputation of Cheney, one of the least popular politicians in the history of the United States. Less remembered is the owner of the ranch: Anne Armstrong. Thirty years before, Armstrong had been one of the most prominent women in the Republican Party. She had taken a public role in the troubled last year of the Nixon presidency, and the first months of the Ford presidency. Demonstrating remarkable political skill, she departed the White House with her reputation not just unscathed but enhanced. She had dazzled audiences as the US Ambassador to the UK. And despite never running for elected office in her career, she was considered a serious presidential or vice-presidential contender.In October 1978, Anne Armstrong was hosting an event in Texas. Featured onstage with her were every single major Republican presidential candidate for the next three presidential elections, save for one. (Pat Robertson, the televangelist who ran for president in 1988, was in the early years of his public career.) Armstrong looked over the crew assembled, and wryly declared, “I am the only speaker with absolutely no aspirations to be the next male president of the United States.”The Washington Post, observing the event, waxed poetic about Armstrong, declaring her a real possible presidential contender: “Armstrong, who made such an outstanding record as U.S. ambassador to Great Britain during the Ford administration, is frequently spoken of as a possible vice president. But why not president? After all, her experience in politics, government and international affairs can certainly stand comparison with that of most of the present aspirants and is considerably broader than Carter's was before he entered the White House.”A far cry from the woman who owned the property where the vice president shot someone.Anne Legendre was born in 1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduated from Vassar College, and arrived in Texas with her new husband, Tobin Armstrong, in 1950.Armstrong was a firm advocate of an inclusive Republican Party, particularly women, minorities, and younger voters. Though a Harry Truman supporter in 1948, Armstrong switched parties in 1952 and began a steady rise in Texas Republican politics, becoming vice chairman of the Texas Republican party from 1966 to 1968, and was a Texas state committeewoman from 1968 to 1973. From 1971 to 1973, she was co-chairman of the Republican National Committee and in the capacity delivered a keynote address at the 1972 Republican National Convention. Her speech at the RNC was notable in its audience: Armstrong directed her address not to those in the room, but to Democrats who, like her, believed the party had drifted too far to the left.In December 1972, she was named Counselor to President Richard Nixon, becoming the first woman to hold that title. She served in that capacity from January 1973 into December 1974, becoming a high-ranking administration official during the tumultuous period surrounding the end of the Vietnam War, the Watergate Scandal, and Gerald Ford’s decision to pardon Richard Nixon. She became known for her being a public face for the White House, facing hostile audiences as the Watergate scandal unfolded. She also created an Office of Women’s Programs in the White House, which sought to create bridges between the Nixon administration and women’s advocacy groups.Demonstrating remarkable political skill, Armstrong exited the Ford administration with an enhanced public reputation.In 1976, Armstrong was named by Gerald Ford to become the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, the first woman to fill that post. Armstrong charmed the UK public, press, and members of the Royal Family. (There are images of a young Princes Charles looking absolutely besotted sitting next to Armstrong.) She made a concerted effort to challenge conservative Texas stereotypes, such as an “ambassadorial version” of her Stetsons. The impression she made was lasting: her obituaries in 2008 in UK newspapers were significantly more fawning than those in US newspapers.Armstrong was widely considered to be a serious contender for the 1976 Republican vice-presidential nomination. Accounts vary; in one account, Armstrong’s name was thrown around as a way to excite the electorate; Armstrong, serving at the time in the UK, contacted the campaign to inform them she was not interested, but they considered drafting her anyway. Another account suggests her vice-presidential prospects were a byproduct of grassroots activity on the floor at the RNC. Buttons of support were widely available. (I own one.)Armstrong returned to the United States in 1977 and ascended to a role as a stateswoman in Republican politics. She was a chair of the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign. She was widely considered a shoo-in for a Cabinet post in the Reagan administration after the 1980 election, but she withdrew from consideration publicly before any administration posts were announced.Armstrong served for nearly a decade as chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board during both the Reagan and Bush administrations, and served on numerous corporate boards (including Halliburton during the tenure of Dick Cheney). Armstrong played a key role in the early careers of several future Republican luminaries. She was a friend of James Baker, a future powerful Cabinet officer, and Dick Cheney, the future vice president; she also mentored Karl Rove, future principal Republican strategist, and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a future Senator.Ronald Reagan awarded Armstrong the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1987.Armstrong died in 2008 at age 80.A note: technically by 2006, Armstrong had passed on the ownership of the Cheney shooting ranch to her daughter Katherine.
This is one of my sister's middle names, and I like it, not as a first name though, it goes with almost every name, I think Annie is better as a first name, I give it a 6/10.
Anne is my middle name. I was named after my Irish Grandmother Anne Veronica. It is simple but stunning, especially the meaning: "full of grace" and "favor".
I even like Anna. It's so pretty, simple, and nice in my opinion.
Anne Elliot is the heroine of Jane Austen’s magnum opus, Persuasion. The name has simplicity and beauty.
St. Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the first person I think of when this simple and elegant name comes up. Spelling it Ann seems weird to me, like something is missing, but it remains a pleasant name. I love Anna too.
Anne is such a great name! One of my top favorites.
May the brave Anne Frank rest in divine peace ♥️.
Anne Boonchuy is a 13-year-old Thai American girl and the main protagonist of the Disney cartoon series, Amphibia.
While it's probably seen as plain, I love this classic and old fashioned name for its simplicity. Elegant, sensible.
Anne can also be a short form of names containing it, such as Leanne. As an independent name, I don't have anything to say, but personally think it's better than Ann at least.
Anne Perry is an English author of historical detective fiction, best known for her Thomas Pitt and William Monk series. In 1954, at the age of fifteen, she was convicted in the murder of her friend's mother, Honora Rieper. She changed her name after serving a five-year sentence for Rieper's murder.
Born: October 28, 1938 (age 82 years), Blackheath, London, United Kingdom
Siblings: Jonathan Rainsford Hulme.
Anne, Duke of Montmorency, Honorary Knight of the Garter (15 March 1493, Chantilly, Oise – 12 November 1567, Paris) was a French soldier, statesman and diplomat. He became Marshal of France and Constable of France and served five kings. See
I like this better than Ann. I can understand how Anne of Green Gables liked to spell it with an E! Ann could not fit anyone under the age of 50. Anne seems like a refined and lovely short name for a girl of any age. I do prefer Anna over Anne but both are quite lovely.
While Anne (1) as a given first name is usually feminine, it is also used as both a masculine given first name and middle name, especially among Christians (similarly to how the given names Anna, Maria, and Marie are also used as both masculine given first names and middle names, often among Christians). And no, I am not confusing this name with Anne (2). Source:
I prefer Anna, but Anne is lovely too. Much better than Ann, which I think looks incomplete.
With 95 729 bearers, Anne is the 1st most common feminine name in Norway (2014 Data). With 62 032 bearers, Anne is the 6th most common feminine name in Denmark (2014 Data). With 6 476 bearers, Anne is the 9th most common feminine name in Mauritius (2014 Data). With 136 bearers, Anne is the 9th most common feminine name in Saint Barthelemy (2014 Data). Source:
Anne Frank stands for the triumph of the human spirit over racism, discrimination and oppression. Among the chaos that raged on in those dark days, Anne Frank found hope, love and, yes, happiness. She saw beauty in nature, she was grateful for the little things life had to offer. They dehumanized her, but through her diary she has shown the world what it means to be human - she has shown the world her fighting spirit and cheerfulness. She dared to dream.
Much better than Ann. Very pretty.
This name is too dull by itself. Anne is one of those names that's best paired with another name to make it pop out and seem more interesting. It's also very old fashioned.
This spelling is too boring and common. I like Ann better because it is less common.
Also Luxembourgish: -- "oder Anne"
I like how this name looks, really simple and elegant, also better than boring looking Ann which feels like sounds are missing or something. I like Anna better than Anne, because Anna feels more complete, but Anne is also not bad. Good name!
Anne Frank is a good namesake. However this name is nice on its own and very nice as a middle name.
It's a middle name. Sounds dull as a first name,as if it is missing something.
Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was a Jewish German author.
I despise this spelling, and prefer Ann, which looks more wholesome.
In the country where I live, we follow the Dutch pronunciation of the name: Ah-nə.
Anne frank.
Good namesake.
Anne has always been a personal favorite of mine. I'd probably name my daughter this.
To be honest, I can only think of Anne Frank whenever I hear this name.
I love Anne...Not only is it simple and feminine but also it has historical connections, one of them being Anne Frank, "Hitler's most famous victim".READER WARNING She was a young girl who dreamed of becoming a writer and who loved nature and reading. She was dehumanized by the Nazis and lost her will to live because she thought she was all alone in the world. She died in a concentration camp at 15 and her body was thrown into a mass grave. Her Diary is now one of the most widely-read books in the world, second only to the Bible.
Norwegian and Estonian Pronunciation: AHN-nəBasque Pronunciation: A-neh.
Pretty. I can’t decide between this and Anna as they’re both really nice.
This is my middle name and I like it because of 'Anne with an e'. I don’t think I would like it as my first name because it’s too common but luckily I have a very unique first name.
I like Anna better.
Cannot for the life of me figure out why people/strangers (think doctor's office) get upset over their name being mispronounced where 1) I'm not going to see you again 2) even if you correct me and I run into you again, I'm not going to remember how you want your name pronounced and 3) I don't care about you or your preferences.
I have grown to LOVE my name, Anne Elizabeth. It is a CLASSIC name, wholesome, simple, serious, feminine and has other attributes such as mature, formal, strong, refined, and natural. Fits me to a tee. I have not seen it used in the family since, maybe one day.
I am obsessed with names that end with E except this one. I prefer Anna!
Despite the fact it's really common, it's just plain beautiful. Oh, and by the way, I definitely prefer it over Ann without an E.
I would have originally used this name for a cartoon character to honor Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, but I've realized that it's more associated with Anne Frank instead.
Anne is beautiful to me and I would definitely consider it for my daughter. When I think of Anne, Anne Frank comes to mind. She is a girl from Germany who died in a Nazi Concentration camp. Anne is for girls not for boys in my opinion.
My favorite name at the moment. I love Anne, as it's such a classic. I have always liked this name. When I was little I really liked Ann, but now I prefer Anne. It looks more complete, and professional. It ages well and works on a baby.This is a stunning name.(No, I didn't forget about my previous comment)
Anne is the name of the protagonist in “Anne with an E” which I have to admit is kind of annoying. I do like the “Anne of Green Gables” books though.
In 2018, 51 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Anne who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 228th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Too short no imagination no spark and reminds me of that loud obnoxious red head girl from Anne with an e.
To the comment below, Anne Shirley is not obnoxious. The name Anne is quite plain though, as Anne says herself.
Maybe I'm completely twisted, but even though it's a soft and pleasant name, it still reminds me of women who would be slightly rude sometimes. Not sure why.
Strange that my name's name day (July 26) should be the day I was born. (I know for a fact that it's a coincidence, since the name's been passed down from my mother and my grandmother before her, and they obviously had different birthdays!)
I also do agree with Anne Shirley (one of my favourite book heroines) that this name must have an E at the end. An A is also nice, but it just has to have something more at the end, Ann is so boring and looks not elegant and like it wasn't finished. I like Anne. You may say it's boring and, being commonly used for all ages as an old and classic name it's definitely heard a lot, but for me it still has something, maybe not unique, but very interesting, and imaginative about it. This E makes it so elegant and feminine. I like it as a middle name, though it's a pity that it is used now almost only as a middle name, as a first it's also good. What I like about such short sweet names is when they are a part of a double name or a hyphenated name. My good friend's name is Carol Anne and I really love the fact that she uses it as a double name, not just Carol or Carolanne written together. I guess my favourite name to go with Anne as hyphenated is Sophie/Sofie. Anne-Sofie has such a Scandinavian feel to me, which I adore, while Sophie-Anne is very unique I think and grows with a girl fitting her entire life.
Anne Marte Nesdal collaborates with a Norwgian duo Eva & The Heartmaker on their live performances making backing vocals.
I love the name Anne. It is so simple and elegant and possibly the most feminine of all names.
Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange was the second child and eldest daughter of King George II of Great Britain and his consort, Caroline of Ansbach. She was the spouse of William IV, Prince of Orange, the first hereditary stadtholder of all the 7 provinces of the Northern Netherlands. Princess Anne was the second daughter of a British sovereign to hold the title Princess Royal. She was Regent of the Netherlands from 1751 until her death in 1759, exercising extensive powers on behalf of her son William V. She was known as an Anglophile due to her English upbringing and family connections, but was unable to convince the Dutch Republic to enter the Seven Years' War on the side of the British.
Somehow I came upon this strand and how amazed I have been reading all of the comments and criticisms.
I am Ann Marie - Ann with no E. Growing up most of my friends were also named Ann(e). It was all quite common in the late 50s /early 60s in New England. We don't find it bland nor boring.
I prefer no E. Either way it's a simple and elegant biblical name.
So disappointed to read so many negative comments.
Anne Beau Cox Chambers is an American media proprietor, who has a stake of interest in Cox Enterprises, a privately held media empire that includes newspapers, television, radio, cable television, and other businesses.
Anne Igartiburu Verdes is a Spanish Basque television presenter and actress. She studied Industrial Marketing. She started working in the local television of Mondragón in 1993. She then worked in Euskal Telebista, and later in Telecinco, hosting Una pareja feliz alongside Antonio Hidalgo in the 1994-1995 season.
Anne Celeste Heche is an American actress, a director, and a screenwriter. Her film credits include Six Days, Seven Nights, Return to Paradise, I Know What You Did Last Summer, John Q and Volcano. She also starred in the television series Men in Trees, Hung, Save Me, Dig, and guest-starred on ABC's hit series Quantico. As of autumn 2016, she plays the female lead in the Space and Syfy post-apocalyptic action drama Aftermath.
Anne Roxanne Jordan Barcelo, known as Roxee B, is a Filipino-American actress, model and singer. In 2006, she became one of the 14 housemates of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Before entering the Big Brother House, she was a finalist of ABC's Hollywood Dream.
It is also used in Greek, which is known by St. Anne (Αγίας Άννης/Agias Annis) (pronunciation: AH-nee) which is a variant of Anna (Άννα). It is not as common as Anna in Greece.
Anne is a nice girl's name. I also like Annie and Ann (Anna is OK but too common in my opinion). I named one of my characters Anne (She is an identical twin). I think of Anne Frank (A Jewish girl who wrote a diary and sadly died in a Nazi Concentration Camp) when I hear the name.
Anne Boleyn, queen consort, beheaded by her husband, mother of Elizabeth.Anne Frank, author, wrote Diary of a young girl.Anne Hathaway, movie actress.Anne Sullivan, teacher.Anne Fine, children's author.See more here:
You could use it to honor Anne Frank, who deserves to be honored.
I like this name, but it seems plain and more of a middle name.
It's my name and I hankered for a while to be called Anna - I even told people that the correct way to say my name was as if it were German ie Ann-eh. I don't mind if people spell it Ann although I think Anne looks more 'finished' somehow! I live in England and the big problem with it as a name is that it really dates you - all the Annes/Anns I know are 50 plus. When my children were younger there was a time when their childminder and both their teachers were called Anne. I think my son thought the name Anne was synonymous with 'woman'! I am very proud of the literary connections - Anne of Green Gables, Anne Bronte, even Anne Elliot in Persuasion - and the historical ones - Anne Boleyn, Anne of Cleves, Queen Anne - and especially that St Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary. I used to think it boring but now I think it looks elegant on the page and sounds gentle yet confident. Personally, I hate being called Annie but I know some people who Annie really suits. A friend - another Anne - once told me that it signifies The Goddess and that some people find it intimidating.
Plain, yes, but also very decent and practical. I much prefer this spelling over "Ann" which in my opinion, looks incomplete. Anne just looks much better.
Anne with the nickname "Annie" Good stuff (:
Plain, boring name. Hate it.
This is one of my favorite names. Anne is a classical name and could suit many kinds of personalities. I think it looks best with the "e" on the end--the "e" makes it prettier and more balanced. I've known a lot of Anne's and they have all been exceptional people. I think this is one of the most beautiful names a woman can have. Seems upper class to me--at least all of the Anne's I've known have been. (not so with the Ann's I've known) I adore this name.
This is my middle name, pronounced the English way, and it has been in my family for generations as a middle name. Although it can be kind of boring, it's still a nice name and has a pleasant meaning. I like it much more with the e than without.
This is the name of the unnamed heroine's sister in Charles Perrault's fairy tale Bluebeard.
Anne was the most common name in Norway in the 1900s. It ranked at #6 in 1880, #4 in 1885 (behind Anna, Marie, Ingeborg and Inga), #8 in 1890, #10 in 1930, #5 in 1935 (behind Bjørg, Astrid, Inger and Gerd), #1 in 1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, and 1970. In 1975 it ranked second (behind Linda), but it was #1 again in 1980. In 1985 it jumped down to #10, and it was off of the charts by 1990.
Anne was the middle name of Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also used it as her alias when she worked incognito in a diner in the season 3 episode entitled Anne.
I like this name. It sounds classy, conservative, pretty.
I like Anne mainly because of Anne of Green Gables. It's a timeless name. But like Anne of Green Gables people wouldn't always know whether it had an 'e'. I prefer it to Ann. But I prefer Anna to both of them. It just depends which name it is being matched with... for instance, Jennifer Anne or Anna Grace would sound good and better than Jennifer Anna or Anne Grace, in my opinion.
Anne is a beautiful, elegant and simple name. What I like the most about the name Anne is that Saint Anne was the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus, which makes it a dutiful religious reason for me to honour and respect this name.
Anne Welles is the name of a character in Jacqueline Susann's novel "Valley of Dolls" and its subsequent 1967 film adaptation. The character was portrayed by Barbara Parkins.
The famous Anne de Montmorency was a man, even if Anne is no longer use as a masculine first name.
Anne Marie (born 1946) is the daughter of King Frederik IX of Denmark and his wife Ingrid. She is the younger sister of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and herself married to the former King of Greece.
This is an overused middle name in my family: Jessie-Anne (goes by Anne), Veronica Anne (goes by Anne), Lesley Anne, Samantha Anne, Chloe Anne. Therefore I cannot stand it as it screams of unoriginality to me.
Anne (1461-1522) was the daughter of King Louis XI of France and his wife Charlotte.
Anne (1665-1714) was the daughter of King James II of Great Britain and his first wife Anne Hyde. She later became Queen of Great Britain.
Anne (1686-1687) was the daughter of Queen Anne of Great Britain and her husband Prince George of Denmark.
Anne (1498-1498) was the only daughter of King Charles VIII of France and his wife Anne. She died young.
Marie Anne (1664-1664) was the daughter of King Louis XIV of France and his wife Maria Teresa.
Anne (1662-1662) was the oldest daughter of King Louis XIV of France and his wife Maria Teresa.
Anne was one of the daughters of King Edward IV of England and his wife Elizabeth Woodville. Through her older sister she was the aunt of King Henry VIII of England.
Princess Anne of England (1637-1640) was the daughter of King Charles I of England and his wife Henriette Marie of France. She died as a child.
This name is nice, but it's been used so much, that it has no meaning or imagination anymore. I would never use this name for anything.
I prefer Anna (though dislike Hannah hugely), and while Ann is dull and a bit sad (seems like the indefinite promoun "an" with an extra n) Anne is refined and elegant - it makes me think of old gold! I'd rather be an Anne than a Madison or Mackenzie - Anne has history and tradition behind it.
My name is Anne and I want it to be pronounced just like "Ann" most of the time. I have not had a problem with this until this past year where I've had several health care providers pronounce my name as "Annie" when I am called into the doctor's office. My family calls me "Annie", so to me "Annie" is very personal and if I don't know you then I don't want you to pronounce my name as "Annie". I am actually baffled by another's comment that stated they knew people who insisted that Anne was pronounced "Annie". What has happened to the silent "e" in Standard American English? Do people now pronounce the name Diane as "Dianie"? Has the pronunciation of apple changed to "applie"? If you are a non-native English speaker then I can understand why you might not be familiar with the silent "e". But, if your first language is English and we are not friends, then please call me Anne, not "Annie".
I highly prefer this spelling to Ann. In my opinion, it looks so much prettier with an e on the end. To me, Ann looks unfinished. Besides, Anne is the original spelling.
This is the name of Hogarth's mother in "The Iron Giant".
I like the name Anne and it's a pretty name with a good meaning gracious, graceful. One of my middle names is Annette.
Princess Royal & Princess of Orange Anne (1709-1759), oldest daughter of King George II of Great Britain.
My FIRST name is Anne. I hated my name when I was a child, I thought it was so short. Anyways, I love my name now and the best part is that I've only met like one or two Anne's in my whole life. I think Anne is a pretty, sophisticated name and I love the French sound of it.
I really like this name - quite regal, and refined. Ann's not bad either.
My name is Elizabeth Anne and my sister's is Katherine Anne... so we have the same middle name which I think was rather unoriginal for my parents.
Anne is graceful and delicate. I go by Anne (my middle name) very often as it is more graceful and delicate than my first name. Ann is so plain and yet Anne seems to be more than that. There are many nicknames to go along with it and it can also be a nickname itself. A wonderful classic name for any little girl.
I really hate dull, ubiquitous, uninspiring names like Anne/Ann. However, if English-speakers are going to use the name, I'd prefer they used the English spelling "Ann". It's a touch more patriotic lol.
Extremely historical name- the kind uncreative people kept using over and over, generation after generation. However it is very dignified.I think it's funny how people keep saying they like the name because of Anne of Green Gables, when that character positively disliked her name. And I quote:"But if you call me Anne please call me Anne spelled with an E.’‘What difference does it make how it’s spelled?’ asked Marilla with another rusty smile as she picked up the teapot.‘Oh, it makes SUCH a difference. It LOOKS so much nicer. When you hear a name pronounced can’t you always see it in your mind, just as if it was printed out? I can; and A-n-n looks dreadful, but A-n-n-e looks so much more distinguished. If you’ll only call me Anne spelled with an E I shall try to reconcile myself to not being called Cordelia.’" Chapter III.
Anne is my middle name and I think it's the most boring middle name ever. It makes other filler names like Rose and Marie sound positively exotic.Also, because my name ends in a vowel, when I tell people my name is Ceri Anne, they think I'm saying "Kerian".
St Anne was Jesus's grandmother (Mary's mother) and this is the single biggest reason for the name's immense popularity. Her husband was called Joachim and this is very popular in continental Europe but strangely not in English-speaking countries.
I think it is a nice and classic name that no one can be embarrassed to be named. I think that Anne is the nicest with a middle name (Anne Christine, Anne Marie, Anne Caroline, Anne Theresa, to name just a few examples) so the child can choose whether she will just be called Anne or be called her middle name also. In addition, Anne Of Green Gables is a great book series! The books are probably a huge reason why I love the name Anne.
I like Anne okay as a first name but not as a middle name because it is so overused. It's like Lynn, Marie, Lee, etc. They are all used waaaay too often as middle names but hardly ever as firsts.
My middle name is way too common as a middle name, in my opinion. It just seems like parents ran out of ideas. I would like to see this used more as a first name, though.
This is a delicate name that is short, simple, and pretty. It is too simple for my personal taste though.
Not only do Dutch people say An-nu but so do the German.
My brother's girlfriend's friend is called Anne but it's said like Anna because Anne is German.
As long as we're being subjective here, I actually prefer the less pretentious "no-E" spelling. That seems like a wholesome, straightforward moniker, to me. "Ann" is a straightforward, phonetically accurate. "Anne," in most languages, is a two-syllable name. Even in French, the so-called silent "e" at the end can become "re-activated" as a schwa for emphasis. Ann is lively, peppy, good-natured. Anne is somewhat aloof, snooty and writes bad poetry. (But as everyone else says when they speak derogatorily of someone else's name), "no offense."
Rather boring, but it's lovely, beautiful and classic.
Annie is a nice nickname for Anne.
I really like this name, especially with Kelly before (Kelly-Anne). It makes a mix of young and old. Annie is also a beautiful name.
My first name is Anne and when I was younger I wasn't a fan, but now at 25, I love my name and its meaning. I'm glad my Grandma suggested it to my parents. :)
AH-nə-cha is a German name for Annie.
A bearer of the name was Anne Bonny (1700-?), a famous Irish pirate who disguised herself as a man and served under her lover, Captain 'Calico Jack' John Rackham with her comrade-in-arms Mary Read. Their ship was captured in 1720 and the men were hung, but Anne pled pregnancy, received a stay of execution and simply disappears from record.
This name is also used in Limburgish. The Limburgish pronunciation is the same as the Dutch pronunciation.
Actress Anne Baxter was the beautiful princess Nefertiri in the 1956 movie "The Ten Commandents".
Anne Brown (born 9 August 1912) is an American soprano, best known for originating the role of Bess in George Gershwin's folk opera "Porgy and Bess" on Broadway in 1935.
Anne Parillaud is a famous French actress who starred in Luc Besson's 'La Femme Nikita.' She is married to the musician Jean-Michel Jarre.
I prefer it with this spelling, but it's still a dreadfully boring name, especially in English. In many other languages, the final 'e' is audible. In English, there's no difference between Ann and Anne in sound. Thus, the name reminds me of Ann Coulter too much. All in all, this name is overused, also here in Finland. It's a very unimaginative choice that makes it seem like the parents either didn't feel like giving it much thought or that they ran out of certain types of names (as in the case of my youngest aunt, it appears, as she is the youngest of six daughters with a name beginning with 'a' and flowing together with the rest of them in other ways too).
Anne (of course with an E) is an elegant-sounding middle name. If it is overused, oh well. It would make a nice, sane middle name for a girl with an esoteric first name.
I love Anne as a first name, as it can be quite cute, almost spunky. As a middle name though, all the originality is drained away. I feel as though half the girls in America have either Anne, Rose, Grace or Marie as a middle name. To me the middle name Anne seems like the parents gave no thought at all to it and just tacked it on because they felt she needed a middle name but couldn't be bothered to think of anything interesting. But as a first name it is gorgeous and refreshing.
A famous bearer is English actress Anne Kirkbride (born June 21, 1954 in Oldham, Lancashire). She's best known for her role as Deirdre Barlow on the popular British soap opera "Coronation Street". She made a bit appearance in November 1972, and became a contracted regular in May 1973.
I would use this name in a heartbeat. It's so elegant looking (that 'e' really does make so much difference), has a sweetness to it and also so much history; everywhere you look in history there are distinguished Annes to take your pick from. Ironically, although it's such a well-known name, it must be incredibly rare for baby girls at the moment - certainly rarer than Anna (basically Anne with "uh" stuck at the end - not half as attractive!). So an Anne born in 2008 would have the bonus of an uncommon name which everybody knows!
I also agree that the 'e' makes all the difference in the world. I think the name Anne is sweet, but I don't know of many people who have it as their first name. I do, however, know many, MANY people who have Anne as their middle name.
Two famous bearers:1.) Anne Mazer, the author of the series The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes.2.) Anne M. Martin, the author of many American Girl books.
Begging your pardon, but although Ann M. Martin (no e) wrote The Baby Sitter's Club books, and Ten Kids, No Pets--among many others--she did not write ANY of the American Girls books.
I quite like this name. Although, I would use it as a first name. As a middle name it's common, but as a first name, it's much more powerful in my opinion.
For me, Anne is just too boring. I'm not exactly a fan of one-syllable names, but I just think that Anne is too bland.
Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) was a Puritan preacher and a woman way ahead of her time. Although she lived a rough life and died an unfortunate death due to her non-conforming ways, she influenced many and remains a key figure in the development of religious freedom in America.
Surprised no one's mentioned this, but a famous author with this name is Anne McCaffrey, the author of the 'Dragonriders' series that Christopher Paolini took the idea from.
Jennifer Garner's middle name is Anne and her duaghter Violet's middle name is Anne. I like Betheny Anne.
I think it's a cute cute name!
Anne is my and my daughter's middle name, it's a bit boring for me (I prefer Anneliese or something) but it's a family name so I guess it's not too bad.
I would love this name if it was not borne by Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's 2nd wife, another famous bearer was Anne of Cleaves who I really like.
I think the name Anne is lovely, especially as a middle name. I agree it is quite common but I still really like it. I don't mind the spelling Ann, but I would choose Anne.
Author Anne Tyler has written numerous short stories and well over a dozen novels, including The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons, Back When We Were Grownups, and Saint Maybe.
I think that this spelling is more pretty than Ann, no offense to people who spell it that way. The "E" at the end makes it more complete and pretty.
This name exudes so much. Just like all of you are saying about Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables the E makes a huge difference. My name is Anne so I love my name. Sometimes I do hate it because it's so small and so known. But then again not many people have it. It makes me feel unique in a weird way. I love this name and wouldn't change it for the world. :]
Anne Hathaway is a famous American actress who was the star in Princess Diaries, Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement, Ella Enchanted, along with other movies, as well, like The Devil Wears Prada. I, for one, loved her in Ella Enchanted, as it is my absolute favorite movie of all time. :)
Anne Shirley in the series of books starting with "Anne of Green Gables". I think that the author gave her the name Anne because it was/is a "plain" name. I personally do not think that the name Anne is plain, but there is another character in the books named Diana Barry. The name Diana is more elegant. I don't think that there are enough nicknames for Diana, Anne has at least three nicknames, Annie, Andie, Nan. Anne is also a nice name to hyphenate, Anne-Therese, Anne-Marie, Anne-Martine, Anne-Justine.
I like this name. It's simple and common but still very nice. I like Anna too but I don't like Annie or Ann.
I've met people a couple people named Anne who insist on pronouncing the e for some reason, so it's just like the name Annie.
My middle name is Anne and I don't particulary like it because I think it sounds posh for some reason.
This is my little sister's favourite name. I was very proud of her when she told me that, because I was expecting her to pick something ridiculous or trendy, and instead she said "Anne with an 'e'." It's a lovely, elegant name.
I adore this name. It's pretty and elegant in a prim manner. The "e" at the end is perfect. Additionally, it can fit nearly anyone; even if the person is the farthest thing from prim and elegant, she can be called "Annie," which is more universal.
My mother's name is Anne, and I love this name. Not only is it so pretty, short and sweet but it's linked to many people I love and people I admire in history. I want to call my daughter Anne, after my mother.
In Norway (and I think in other places in Scandinavia) Anne is most common as a FIRST name. It is the most common female name.
Famous novelist: Anne Perry.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Anne here:
I like Anne as a nickname for Hannah. But I agree with Anne Shirley: the name simply must have an *e* at the end!
I think it's funny that someone doesn't like it when other people pronounce this name 'annie', because that's how I used to think it was pronounced!
Lady Anne Boleyn was the second wife the King Henry the 8th of England, and mother of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. After having an affair with the Anne while he was still married, Henry divorced Princess Catherine of Aragon (the mother of the future Queen Mary, or Bloody Mary), and married Anne. When Anne failed to produce a male heir, Henry falsly accused her of adultery and had her beheaded in the Tower of London.
Queen Elizabeth II's daughter is also named Anne.
A not-so-famous bearer: Anne Gilbreth, the eldest of twelve children born to Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, and the eldest sister of Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Earnestine Gilbreth Carey. (Authors of "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "Belles on Their Toes")
My name is Anne, and while sometimes, I think it can be boring and short, it's actually a nice name. The "E" definitely makes it more elegant in my opinion. Ann just seems kind of bland.
E makes a difference. I would name my child Anne because I think it has charm and elegance, yet still playful (espically if you sometimes went by Annie).
I hate when people pronounce it Annie instead of Anne.
In all of my experiences with the French language, it seems to be pronounced 'Ahn'.
Don't know if this counts, but Anne Onymous from the webcomic The Wotch (
This is my sister's middle name, Laurel Anne. I prefer Anne with the "e" than without it. Like my middle name Lynne with the "e" than without.
Anne of Green Gables and the following books are some of the best books I have ever read. And I like the name very much. I think it sounds very 'pure'. Especially the Danish pronunciation of it: An-nuh.
Actress Anne Bancroft (1931-2005), who won the Oscar as Best Actress for her portrayal of Annie Sullivan in 'The Miracle Worker' and became an icon of the '60s with her role of Mrs. Robinson in 1967's 'The Graduate', where she seduces her daughter's boyfriend (Dustin Hoffman), bore this name. From 1964 until her death she was Mrs. Mel Brooks.
With Annabelle, Anneliese/Annalise and Annika, nevermind Anna, becoming extremely popular, Anne makes a tasteful, understated alternative. Friends just gave their baby daughter this as a first name and it's really refreshing and quite on a little girl, but the childhood nickname Annie can soften it, too. There should be more little Annes!
The name of the famed horror/drama author Anne Rice. She has wrote 23 books, including these series: The Vampire Chronicles (Interview with the Vampire, The Queen of the Damned, etc.), New Tales of the Vampires, & Lives of the Mayfair Witches. She lives in New Orleans, where most of her novels are set.
I have a lot of friends who share this with me as a MIDDLE name and I like it. But not one person I know has it as a FIRST name.
I quite agree with Anne of Green Gables that the E makes a big difference. Anne with an e is a whole lot more than just plain Ann.
Anne Elliot is the dynamic protagonist of Jane Austen's last completed novel Persuasion.
Anne is also a very common Dutch name. The name is at this moment one of the most popular first names in the Netherlands. Also a funny fact: In the Frisian language (spoken in the Dutch province Friesland) it can also be a name for a boy. At my school there's a boy who bears the name 'Anne'. [noted -ed]
In the Netherlands you pronounce the name Anne as: AHN-nuh, so two syllables.
I would never call my daughter Anne. It's a very old name with no spark or imagination to it. Possibly the most boring name ever.
Anne was originally pronounced the same as 'Anna'. The spelling is German and the 'e' on the end only became silent when it began to be used in England following the arrival of Henry VIII's wife.
Anne Bronte was one of youngest of three Bronte sisters and she was a famous writer. Her famous books are Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
Famous bearers are William Shakespear's wife, Anne Hathaway, and an actress Anne Hathaway who plays in the Disney movie The Princess Diaries.
This was also the Anglicized name of Henry VIII's fourth wife, German Anna of Cleves (known as Anne of Cleves).
Famous bearer - Anne Frank.
Anne Frank's name was actually Anneliese.
Actually, Anne Frank's name was Annelies, not Anneliese.
A very common middle name for girls.

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