Given Name ALICE

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: AL-is (English), A-LEES (French), a-LEE-che (Italian)  [details]

Meaning & History

From the Old French name Aalis, a short form of Adelais, itself a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis (see ADELAIDE). This name became popular in France and England in the 12th century. It was borne by the heroine of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' (1865) and 'Through the Looking Glass' (1871).
DIMINUTIVES: Ali, Alison, Allie, Ally, Lisha, Lecia (English), Alison (French)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Kalisha, Talisha (African American), Adalheidis, Adelais (Ancient Germanic), Alisa (Bosnian), Alícia (Catalan), Heidi (Danish), Adelheid, Aleid, Aleida, Alida (Dutch), Aliisa, Alisa, Alli, Heidi (Finnish), Elke (Frisian), Adelheid, Ada, Alida, Heida, Heidi (German), Aliki, Kiki (Greek), Adelaida, Aliz, Ada, Alida, Alíz (Hungarian), Ailís (Irish), Alise (Latvian), Aalis (Medieval French), Heidi (Norwegian), Adelajda, Alicja, Ada (Polish), Alisa (Russian), Aileas (Scottish), Alica (Slovak), Adelaida, Alicia (Spanish), Alicia, Heidi (Swedish), Alisa (Ukrainian), Alis (Welsh)


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Entry updated July 2, 2017