Not terrible, but it seems like an odd combination of Alana and Alannah.

I'd rather pick one of the other two, they seem more classic.
Alanna sounds so strong and adventurous. I dislike the different spellings though.
This is an amazing name!
Alanna Grace is a youtuber.
The name Alanna is famous in the theater world for being the name of a character in Dear Evan Hansen. Alanna is an overachiever, is very smart and seems confident in herself. In reality though, she is extremely self-conscious and vulnerable, and just wants the people around her to love and support her through all life's challenges.
Alanna Masterson is an American actress who is known for her role as Tara Chambler in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. Masterson was born on Long Island, New York to Carol Masterson and Joe Reaiche, an Australian former Rugby League Player with the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. She is the younger sister to her full brother, Jordan Masterson, and three half-brothers, Danny Masterson, Christopher Masterson, and Will Masterson. The family later relocated to Los Angeles, California. She grew up around and was influenced by her older brothers who both starred in popular television shows in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Masterson's passion for acting came from spending a lot of time on set with her brothers and seeing the filming process.
My sister is called and named Alanna and it's always not spelt right. Even her auntie spelt it like this, Allanna and sometimes like this, Alannah!! And she gets mad when you say Alaina like a country accent or A-LAWN-A is so weird for her and me. It's so annoying.
Pretty name! There are a lot of spellings you can do too: Alana, Elana, Elanna, etc.
I really like this name. This is my name and it is pronounced A-lann-a with the A really forward, sort of like A-pple the way you say the a there.
I like to go by the nickname Lani which is a Hawaiian name. People also like to call me Lana.
This is my middle name and I prefer its spelling to the much more common "Alana" because Alana sounds too much like Alan, so I think Alanna is much more feminine sounding.
Alanna is my name and I am realizing it has some pros and cons. I pronounce my name Uh-lawn-uh and I've had so many people read my name uh-lay-nuh and I honesty have no clue why. If you look at it, it's spelt exactly how it's said... al-anna. I also have people spell my names all sorts of ways, the most popular one being "Alana" and I have to correct people ALL the time. On the other hand, people always tell me I have a beautiful name and I've grown to like it as well. But please, parents, if you're looking at this name for your baby girl, do her a favor and spell it "Alana." it will make her life so much easier.
My name is Alanna. I pronounce it as A-lay-nah. Very simple. I love my name! My father named me. I am the 3rd of my parent's 5 daughters. The book "Alanna" by Tamora Pierce truly reminds me of myself, not just the name and I'm a Leo. I would love to go on and on but I don't want to bore you all with my life stories. However I will leave you with this... my last name means, I've been here before..( things that make u go hmmm?..) Lol. Thanks for letting me share!
I've loved the name Alanna since I read Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness series. I love the character as well- she's strong and inspiring. If I ever have a daughter, this is definitely one of the names I'll consider giving her.
My name is Alanna. The first A is pronounced harder. Aa-Lana. I was always teased for the name as a child, (being called Atlantis was not fun!) But now I am grateful that my mother chose a unique name for me. It is a beautiful name... and does lend itself to several nicknames (some more desirable than others.) My mother calls me Lannie, and that's my favourite out of all of my nicknames.
My name is Alanna. Its pronounced "Uh-Lan-Uh".
Alanna means 'fair.' (as in beautiful).
One of my favourite names for a future daughter. It fits in with my love of names that sound as if they were taken from a fantasy novel, but will suit a woman living in the real world just as well. I prefer the short A pronunciation to ah-LAH-nah.
My name is Alanna, and I've always pronounced it Ah(Uh)-Lay-Nuh. This gives me a lot of trouble, but my mother named me and pronounced it that way, so that is what I will keep it. Though, it has been tempting to add an "I" or some such to make others pronounce it correctly. I love my name, and I know very few others that have it. I must say, all other Alanna/Elena's I DO know have their middle name as Lynn. It flows very well.
I love this name, my brother and his partner are 6 months pregnant and this was the only name they could agree on for their daughter. It is feminine and not too hard to pronounce or spell. I prefer to spell it Alannah just to add to the girliness of it!
The meaning is Beautiful ( Irish or Scottish ) and Sky ( Hawaiian ).
You would be half correct in that sense - "álainn" does mean "beautiful" in Irish. However, even though it may have been influenced by "álainn", Alanna isn't an Irish name. Alanna is a feminine form of a Breton name, and its true meaning really doesn't go beyond the meaning of Alan - "little rock" or "handsome".
I really like this name but my husband hates it. He says it's too plain and sounds like the names 'Anna' or 'Alma' (which he totally dislikes). He also mentioned the fact that it sounded 'made up'. The only negative for me is the way a lot of people mistake the name 'Alana' for 'Alaina' or Alayna'. I would hate to constantly have to correct people on how to say my kid's name.
This is our daughter's name. It flows so nicely and I really can't see how it rhymes with banana?! Unfortunately, the one who wrote that comment obviously doesn't know how to say the name properly. It's a perfect name as it means beautiful peaceful and who doesn't want a daughter with such a gorgeous meaning?
Alanna Noel Ubach is an American actress of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.
Alanna Kraus is a Canadian short track speed skater.
My name is Alanna and I love it. In my family it's from Celtic origin, dad's side of the family is Irish. I pronounce it uh-lanne-nuh. I have never met or heard of another around me with this name. My nicknames are Lana or Lani, the last meaning sky or heaven in Hawaiian.
This is my name although I spell it Alaunna (I couldn't find this on this site). My parents wanted to make sure that people knew it was pronounced ah-lawn-ah not a-lanne-ah but people still say Alana or Al-you-anah! :) I love my name though. My nickname is Launi and I think that any way you spell/say it is beautiful!
I think that the name Alanna is a beautiful name, in Gaelic it actually means the beauty and serenity.
One girl I met was named Alanna but insisted her name was pronounced A-Lay-Na (like Alaina). Weird. I like the name though. Lanna is a cute nickname.
Alanna, like Hannah, Anna, Brianna, and many other names, has the sad misfortune of rhyming with banana.
This is the name of my fiance's neice and I think it is an absolutely beautiful name for a little girl, she suits it so well and it's not very common in Ireland.
I think it is a great name. Not overly used. I would prefer this spelling or spelt Alana.
It's the name of the main character in Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet.

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