This given name is also the French feminine form of Albert. Or in other words, you could say that this name is the French form of Alberta.The name Alberte went out of fashion in the late 1970s and has since been rare in France.Also, a French variant spelling of this name is Alberthe.- (in French)
- see page 24 of "Tous les prénoms" written by Jean-Maurice Barbé:
- (in French)
- (in French)
- (in French)
-, Alberte, 2277, 11033.asp (in French). [noted -ed]
This name is also French, though it's not very common.
I think Alberte was a legendary Canadian fisherlady, Alberte LaChapelle and she was used in stories because she commited suicide by tying herself to a tree with an open wound when a bear came.

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