Alba, Bertie, Birdie and Betty could be potential nicknames.
It's very dignified.
I really hate Robertine, but I absolutely love Albertine! I think it sounds classy, and some nicknames for it are "Allie," and "Albert".
My first name is Albertine. I was born in 1953 in America. It is my mom's middle name and my great-grandmother's first name. I've always loved it. As a little girl, I think that was because it sounded so exotic. Now I love it because hardly anyone is named that. My great-grandmother came from a place that used to be Germany (far north) but is now in Poland. She emigrated to Canada before 1900.
Also German.
In 2018, 75 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Albertine who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 9481st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
In the same group as awful Robertine.
Albertine is a very cute name, I see it well on a little girl even if it's so rare or sounds old. It sounds cuter than Alberta or similiar names. Its meaning is beautiful too.
This was my great-grandmother's name.
"Albertine" is a song by singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, and the third single from her second studio album, Albertine. It was largely inspired by a Rwandan orphan, by the name of Albertine, whom she met while there in 2005.
This is my middle name, and I am born in 1996. I used to hate it before, because I didn't know anybody else with that name, but now I think it is okay.
This name has also been used frequently in the Netherlands before the 1980s - nowadays, it is not used often anymore because it is mostly regarded as old-fashioned. Still, one would most likely find this name in the Dutch top 1000 for all ages.

There are two possible pronunciations for Albertine in Dutch. One is ahl-bər-TEE-nə (which is often used in the north) and the other is ahl-bər-TEEN (which is often used in the south).
I agree, Albertine is very rare. It might be the name of a very old woman.
Albertine is darling.
Albertine Sarrazin was a French author most famous for her semi-autobiographical novel L'Astragale.
Albertine is used seldom in France currently, because Albert is considered a very masculine name. In fact the only time I saw it, it was in a book by Proust. Albertine in this novel is a young woman the narrator's in love with, and lives with for a time, before she dies, quite young.

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