To be a bit more precise: the given name Ἀλκαῖος (Alkaios) is derived from the Greek adjective ἀλκαῖος (alkaios) meaning "strong, mighty":

- (in English; this is about the name)
- ἀλκαῖος (alkaios) meaning "strong, mighty": (in English) (in English)

The adjective in question is of course closely related to the Greek noun ἀλκή (alke) meaning "strength", which is already mentioned in the description for this name.
The French form of this name, Alcée, was notably borne by Louisiana professor and folklorist Alcée Fortier (1856-1914).
Very unique and natural sounding, like the name of a plant species.
Before I clicked on it, I thought it was pronounced "al-CAY-us." I think I'd like it better if it was.

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