I hate it. It's sounds very unattractive but it's so annoying in my opinion, sorry.
Alden is such a sweet name. Much better than common ol' Aiden.
Richard Reyes Faulkerson Jr. (born January 2, 1992), known professionally as Alden Richards, is a Filipino multi-awarded actor, TV host, product endorser, ambassador, businessman, entrepreneur, and recording artist. Personally, he's the only thing I can think of when I hear this name.
Have you ever heard of Alden's Number?
Alden Vacker is a character in Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger.
I named my son Alden! I love that it sounds strong, yet gentle. Only complaint so far is that some people misread it as Aidan. Otherwise it fits him really well. I feel like I could see the name on a little boy or an older man which is what drew me to it.
Alden Nowlan was a very famous Canadian poet.
Thanks guys for making my name look good and all the Aldens out there have a wonderful life, even people who do not have the name too, and anonymous users. Wow, thanks. And also both and all the pronunciations are great. There is no wrong way to spell or say Alden, just pick whatever you like.
It sounds more for girls than boys.
Beautiful, distinctive and very classy!
Refreshing combination of masculine vibes + logical spelling / pronunciation + nice connection to Neil Armstrong and Alder trees.
I went to school with a boy named Alden and he was the only person I've ever met with this name. Always thought he was a very classy guy.
I would pronounce it as "AL-den".
I love Alden for a girl but especially with a feminine middle name because any boys name I use for a girl, I want the middle name to be feminine. I wanna use Alden Christine. It’s a nice boy name too!
Actor Alden Ehenreich portrays young Han Solo in the 2018 Star Wars spin-off “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”.
My name is Alden and I absolutely love it! It's a beautiful name so please name your baby this.
Alden Jones was a fictional character in the animated series Braceface.
This name has never been very popular, and no offense to anyone with this name, but I can see why.
Resembles "balding". Or "olden". Other than that, it is a scholarly name.
This isn't exactly one of my favourite names but I definitely like it better than Aidan.
This is sometimes used on girls as well.
Alden Tuller was a character on the legal drama show Justice and was portrayed by Rebecca Mader.
This is a unique name and I love it!
I have heard this as a girl's name, spelled Aldyn.
I like this name. It fits a young boy as well as an old man.
Neil Alden Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon.
Alden is a nice name. It reminds me of someone, though they differ to their spelling, (Aldin) but that's all the same, it's my boyfriend's name. I love it.
I think this would make a wonderful middle name. I especially like the meaning.
I like it because it reminds me of the alder tree.
Auden is a different form of Alden. I think it's cuter.
Personally, I disagree. My boyfriend's name is Alden, so basically I have to say that Alden is cuter- but I do not know how to pronounce the other version mentioned before- so it may be. But I do not want to insult him.

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