Pretty name but it’s too common.
Very very rare. To me it looks like it's pronounced Eh-lee, even though I know it's not.
I feel like this is very cool, unique, and kind of futuristic. I might go as far as to name my daughter this.
I don't think that this is a variant of Aaliyah.

Alea is pronounced ah-LEH-a where I live (Germany) and it is seen as a variant of Lea and also coincides with the Latin word for "dice".
The name Alea is Hawaiian it means flower princess and it's said just like it's spelled.
My name is Alea and I love the name it is very unique and is named after a famous temple.
Very pretty and sweet :) good for all ages too.
Alea seems like the kind of name for a deep thinking, uniquely beautiful, smart, philosophical kind of girl. Not a ditzy person that likes the color pink and fluffy kitty cats. Someone classy, someone too clever for their own good that needs someone to watch out for them. A true seeker. And no, this isn't my name, but I sometimes wish it were. It can be cute, but very mature. I love it.
Alea is the kind of name anyone can hear and say "that's a pretty name!". And usually, with a pretty name, comes a pretty face.
Alea is a beautiful name. I know only one girl named Alea, and I think it's neat that it is an uncommon/simple name that sounds so pretty.
Alea is becoming more and more popular in Germany as well where it is associated with the popular name "Lea". In German it's pronounced "ah-LEH-ah".
It's a variant of Aliyah, which is from Arabic origin! And it's pronounced AH-LEE-AH not UL-LEE-AH or something else!
I love this name. It is not only a pretty, feminine name, but it’s also not very popular, which is nice. I would definitely consider naming my daughter Aleah. I like it better with an “h” at the end of it. It makes the spelling of the name more unique.
It's very pretty.
Alea is a film starring Jean Reno.
This is also pronounced Ah-LAY-ah.
Alea is a Polynesian name. It means a wave. Princess Alea Alea was one of King Kamehameha's (not sure which one) daughters.
Also an ancient Greek name, Alea was also one of the epithets of goddess Athena, used in Arcadia.
In the Philippines (Surigao del Sur in the Mindanao island), the name "Lea" or "Alea" means procrastinator. It is derived from the term "maleya-leya" which refers to a person who always puts off doing things. =þ

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