It is also an old Swedish name derived from Adalheid, see Nordic Names Wiki.
The name Aleida was given to 30 girls born in the US in 2016.
This name has some use in the United States, but it's usually pronounced the same way as Alida (uh-LEE-duh). The same thing tends to happen with Freida / Frida.
I first came across this name because there is a character on Orange is the New Black with this name and I've grown quite fond of it.
Literally just stumbled upon this name, but it's really pretty. I love the spelling. I sort of incorrectly pronounced it in my head as Al-ay-da, but I like that pronunciation. Cool name!
My middlen ame is Aleida, which I got from my mother's Dutch grandmother. I have 2 Dutch grandparents, who both pronounce it ah-LAY-duh. Although we live in Sweden, I actually hear it as a-LEY-da. All depends on your own country's language. But the Dutch people I know are very thorough on the LAY part.
Used this name for one of my characters who was Dutch. The name is so beautiful. But I pronounce it as Ah-lee-duh.
Lee instead of lie.
The pronunciation key for this name is wrong. The emphasis in Aleida should be on the second syllable; ah-LIE-dah. [noted -ed]
Aleida is a character on the Netflix series, "Orange is the New Black".
Pronounced Ah-Lay-Duh.
The name Aleida is way prettier than Adelaide.
Aleida Guevara is the eldest of four children born to Ernesto Che Guevara and his second wife, Aleida March.

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