Alejandra is a fine name, but the pronunciation is a little hard like the male counterpart Alejandro.
Beautiful! I prefer Alessandra, though. I also love Alessa, Alessia, and Ale.
I think this is an AWESOME name. I pronounce it Al-eh-HAHN-druh. I can't use it, though, because I'm not Latina or Hispanic or anything. It would seem blatantly racist for me to use this name.
Very beautiful.
Alejandra Moral is the wife of Spanish professional footballer Jesús Navas.
According to ( Alejandra ranked 15th place in Madrid, Spain (2005).
Ah-leh-HAHN-drah. (The J in Castilian Spanish is pronounced like an English H.)
In regards to pronunciation, Alejandra's key is [aleˈxandɾa]
In South Spain, Canarias and Caribbean countries, the /x/ is usually regarded as an h. However, like English, Spanish is all around the world - there is a lot of dialects in it, and they're not all the same. For example, Mexican Spanish and Spaniard Spanish could be compared to American English and British English. I'm not too knowledgeable with Spanish, but that is what I'm aware of - so I assume Alejandra can be pronounced differently, both of them being legitimate pronunciations, but only used in certain areas.
The correct pronunciation is Ah-leh-han-dra (rhymes with Sandra).
A question for those pronouncing this name Ale-khandra or Ale-chandra, which country and language are you referencing? I always thought this name was a Spanish name. I'm intrigued that it might be used in other countries/languages also.
The correct pronunciation is Ale-HAN-dra. The 'J' in Spanish sounds like an 'H' in English.
I have a friend whose name is Alejandra. Her name is pronounced Ale-Han-dra, she goes by Allie. Her dad's and grandfather's name is Alejandro, her uncle's is Alexandr, and her aunt's Alexandra. She loves her name, says it has that strong yet delicate feel to it.
I find saying this name as 'Alee-andra' rolls off the tongue easily.
Pronounced "ah-le-CHAHN-drah".
Alejandra is a 1956 Argentine film directed by Carlos Schlieper and written by Alexandre Bisson.
I think this name is beautiful! A cute nickname would be Ally.
A famous bearer of this name is Mexican rock singer: Alejandra Guzman.

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