In Poland this name is only masculine.
Aleks is also Estonian, used as a short form of Aleksi/Aleksis, Aleksa/Aleksia/Aleksina, Aleksander, and Aleksandra. The name day for Aleks in Estonia is September 11.
Also an Estonian masculine name:
In elementary school (4-5) and middle school (6) we used this website for math called Aleks Math. I hated that website. I also really don't like this name. Maybe Alex for Alexandra.
AL-əks in English.
Aleks is UNISEX, not masculine. Same as Alex. The short form of Aleksander(m) AND Aleksandra(f). [noted -ed]
The Polish pronunciation is A-lekhs. [noted -ed]
Polish diminutive of Aleksander or Aleksy.
Alek is another name for Alexis. People think that Aleks or Alex are bad names- they're not, so back off if you think it is a bad name!
This looks so much cooler then Alex :-)
Scandinavian variant of Alex.
In the USA (2014) 19 baby boys were given Aleks.
Also Polish diminutive of Aleksander. [noted -ed]
Also Russian diminutive of Aleksey. [noted -ed]
Also a short form of Aleksandar in Croatia.

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