The pronunciation in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, and thus on TV (as most TV is recorded in the capital) is a-LEK-san-dar. The pronunciation in the South of Serbia is a-lek-SAN-dar. Both "sides" to this argument sometimes make fun of the other.
Chose this spelling for our son's name because our last name is Serbian. We call him Alek. It bugs me when people call him Alex or spell it Alec though. Not looking forward to the possible nickname Sasha when we move to former Soviet Union this year though (my American bias thinks it sounds feminine).
In Slavic (Serbian and related languages) the name Aleksandar consists of three words:
1. Lek = Cure
2. San = Dream
3. Dar = Gift
* "A" in old Slavic means "I am"
There is a story of legendary Alexander of Macedonia who when came into power said:
"I am Cure, Dream and Gift" = Aleksandar.
In Croatian and Serbian it's pronounced ahl-ehk-SAHN-dahr.
One of my favorite names for boys, I simply love it. It's perfect because it's long, but not weird or complicated.

Pet forms in Croatia and Serbia are: Aco (AH-tso), Aleks, Sandi, Saša.
I think it is unique variant of the popular and well-known Alexander. However, when I read the name I feel like saying Aleksand-ARE because of the spelling. Aleksander would be better than Aleksandar.
Also used in Slovenia, though Aleksander is far more popular.
I love this name so much, and the main reason is that my long-time crush is named Aleksandar. He looks like an angel with dark hair, and I'd like to name my son after him one day. :-)

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