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Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsAléria (Gallicized form), Leria (diminutive), Léria (Gallicized diminutive form)

Meaning & History

Possibly a variant of Ilaria or Valeria.

It could also be given because of the town of Aléria in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica. While many baby name sites and books list this name as being Latin for 'eagle', that is Aquila. The source of this mistaken etymology may be due to the Avalerion, sometimes called an Alerion, a mythological bird compared to an eagle, and seen in medieval heraldry (coats of arms). Aleria, however, is the Latin and Corsican form of the original Ancient Greek name for the town, Alaliē (Ἀλαλίη). This could possibly have been derived from the Ancient Greek lalia (λαλιά) 'talking, talk, chat; form of speech, dialect', from laleō (λαλέω) meaning 'talk, chatter, chirp, make sound'.
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