Makes it look like the parents can't spell.
My middle name is Alesia, which is a variant of Alexis according to my mom. She was inspired by Spanish sounds and pronunciations, so it's pronounced "uh-lay-see-uh".
I don't like this name. It reminds me of a disease.
This looks like a spelling tacky parents would use in place of the rather pretty (though common) Alicia. And it looks like it should be pronounced "ah-LEE-zha", rather than "ah-LEE-sha" or "ah-LEE-see-uh".
I read a book which said the name was Greek in origin, and it meant, "helper", it was the only time I had seen my name in a name book. I found the book in a university library, so this should be good information.
I read in a book from a university library about names, that this is a Greek name meaning "helper".

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