Means "fin" in Spanish.
liyahaa  1/22/2021
My name is Aleta! I love that name and it really suits me because I Love speaking Spanish. I pronounce it A-Lida, although it is spelled with a T.
aletaofthemyscira  9/13/2018
With so many kids with wacky names out there nowadays -- nouns, household objects, military titles, even cable sports channels -- who wouldn't love a classic name actually common among human beings? Aleta -- and yes, I've always pronounced it "ahh-lee-tuh", is old English and means "truth". I love having a unique name that actually makes sense, doesn't cause people to laugh out loud, and passes the "business card test". Besides, it was nice being the only one in a classroom -- or crowd -- with that name.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2018
Hi! My name is actually Aleta and it is pronounced (at least the version that I was given) Ah-Lee-Ta (not Da) Though most people say it as Ah-Lee-Da

I was actually named after a classmate my parents had whose name was Aleta, I have met one other person with my name in my entire lifetime. I always loved having my name because it was different and I wasn't one of several of girls with the same name. I have had people butcher my name soooo many times but *shrugs* that happens. Especially when you have a unique name or a name that isn't super common.

My son's name is Corwin (we got it from a set of books. The Prince of Amber series) the main character's name was Corwin. People butcher his name too sometimes but he loves his name.

I can certainly see why someone might dislike having a name that isn't as common, but I am really glad that my parents decided to chose this name for me.
dragonfly5159  5/18/2018
I hate being named Aleta. And yes it is pronounced A lee da. I was born in the early seventies to hippie parents. I have hated my name since first grade. I was a Girl Scout as a kid and every week they would say everyone line up behind a leader and there was a line behind me. People always tell me I have a beautiful name and I say, want to trade!
Aleta s  10/14/2017
Since this is my name, I thought I would clarify - it is pronounced "aleeta". My name was taken from the book "Prince Valiant" (which was also a comic strip in the 50's). Prince Valiant was married to Princess Aleta.
Aleta1  9/1/2016
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language.
Wierka  2/15/2011
Aleta Freel was an American stage actress from Jersey City, New Jersey.
LMS  8/5/2007
I think this is a beautiful name, I would think it would be pronounced uh lee da. Very pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/22/2006

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