People are confused or incorrectly name their newborn with names that are meant for boys and what is meant for girls. In America, I noticed many families take this for granted or failed to conduct meaningful research before naming their baby girl or boy. I have witnessed girls and women say my names is ALEX or ALEXIS or ALEXIUS. Americans think this is a girl's name or unisex. This is so far from the truth. Plain ignorance. It's a boy's name. Families that want to name their baby girl with Alex should add "Alexa" or "Alicia" or "Alexandra" or "Alexia" I also noticed new makeup names that are not realistic. I feel sad for those kids that have to wake up every day to names that were meant for pets.
This name was also used among the German minority in Bessarabia:
It's becoming more popular as a FEMININE name in some countries as an elaboration of ALEXIS.
This name can be UNISEX.
Can also be used on females as a modern elaboration of Alexia modeled on Alexus.

It was used as a given name to 121 girls born in the USA in 1998.
As crazy as it may seem, I thought this name was a girl's name. I'm a writer, and while trying to think of an interesting name for my female lead character, I thought "Alexis" or "Alexus". Then I thought, "why not make it interesting and combine the two to make it 'Alexius'?". I pronounced it "uh-lex-ee-us", though I'm not sure what the technical pronunciation is.

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