Alfie is one of the road vehicles in Thomas and Friends. He is an excavator who is a member of the Pack, a group of construction vehicles.
No, no no! I hate the way this name sounds I would certainly use Ned as a nickname for Alfred not Alfie. Can't even see it on a dog.
It's fine as a nickname but awful as a full name. Makes me think of the terrible movie "Alfie" with Jude Law, who cheated on his wife. Way too nickname-ish.
I know a very famous guy with the name Alfie (aka Alfredo) as he is an incredibly influential figure. He is an Instagram influencer who posts daily content. 'The daily grind does not stop' - Alfie 2016.
Hate it hate it hate it hate it.
Does not age well at all— I cannot see even a 17 year old with this name. I wouldn’t even name my pet Alfie.
All the Alfie’s / Alphie’s I know are small... I guess that’s okay but an Alphie I know who is now 21 is as tiny as an 11 year old.
Reminds me of a little, dusty, towheaded boy in a 60s movie. His full name might be Alfalfa.
As someone from England where there are many younger Alfie's, I am embarrassed to say this is one of our most popular names, it's a good name for a dog and that's it.
My brother named his female puppy Alfie when he was 3. I can only see this as a dog name.
Alphonse, Alfonso and Alphonso can be longer names.
I adore the name Alfie I think it is of the scale cute. If I ever had a baby boy I would definitely call it Alfie.
I think it’s a really nice name but I think it’s better for the short form of Alfred.
Saying it out loud sounds really whiny to me. But I just realized it makes me think of the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s mom is always calling his name. RaalPHIEEEE!
I absolutely adore this name - honestly, I do! It’s my favorite diminutive of Alfred. I think it has a bouncy, friendly and slightly cheeky sound about it. It is most definitely my kind of name - it fits my taste!
I’d just like to say that I would never question a parent choosing this name for their son. It is every parents' personal choice what they call their children and whether you like it or not, just keep your opinions to yourself so you don’t upset them. For the record, my son is called Alfie and I would never choose another name. In my personal opinion I love the name and it drives me insane when people say to me "Oh, is it short for Alfred?" No it isn’t! I think it’s disrespectful to say I loathe it or children will get laughed at when they are older because their name is Alfie? Also my friend has just lost her 2 year old grandson suddenly and his name was also Alfie - how do you think she’d feel if she read all this about everyone slating the name? Everyone is perfectly entitled to their own opinion on whether they like a name, but please think and keep it to yourself as it might cause unnecessary upset to people. Thank you.
We as a wholesome people should praise, exalt, immortalise, glorify, and hail this name. If thou has not kissed the feet of this name, then thou hast sinned against all beings. This name has no reason to be hated on, and is the most beautiful, splendid, humble, and adorable name in all of English. UP WITH THE ALFIE'S! DOWN WITH THE HATERS!
I personally dislike Alfie as a full name and I much prefer Alfred. There are so many little Alfies running around, thus, there would be at least two other Alfies in his classes at school. I don't understand why people find this name cute or appealing.
It should NEVER be used as a full name. It should always be short for Alfred or Alfreda.
My name's Alfie and I quite like it. My first name is Macauley, but I don't use it because I hate it. So I use Alfie, which is my middle name. Sure I'm 16 now and maybe it's not as cute as when I was 5, but hey, it's fine really.
Alfie is a great dog/cats name, awful for a child.
The name Alfie was given to 19 boys born in the US in 2015.
8 baby boys in the USA (2014) were given Alfie.
In my opinion Alfie sounds terrible, Alfred sounds much better in my opinion! I'm not trying to be mean to anyone with the name.
The name Alfie is quite popular here in the UK. I have to admit, the name Alfie DOES sound pretty darn cute! ^__^
I named my son after my Great Grandfather, Alpheus... we call him Alfie, for short. I love the name Alfie, though we expect him to call himself Al or Alf later in life.
Why is Alfie such a common name nowadays? Fair enough if it's a nickname, but what's wrong with Alfred? Sorry for the rant there, but I know a boy named Alfie who goes by Alfred because he thinks Alfie sounds babyish.
According to an article in The Guardian, Alfie is the second most popular name for dogs in the UK. (The most popular is Poppy.)
Fictional bearer.
Alfie from Gordon Korman's "Titanic" trilogy.
I think this is a really cute name. In England I know this is very popular, but in the US it hasn't charted so it would be an unusual choice, but I may use it one day. I think it can still age well.
Alfie Deyes, AKA Pointless Blog!
Chris Wolstenholme's (Muse bassist) eldest son is called Alfie. I don't know if it's his real name or a nickname for Alfred.
I've never heard of this name in the US, so I'm really surprised to see how popular it is in the UK. I always thought it was a nickname for Alfred... I don't really like it as a full name. It sounds kind of childish and super British. I did know a puppy named Alfie once though.
I don't understand its popularity in Britain! It's way too cutesy because it's a nickname. Besides, there's this character in "Death at a Funeral" that's named Alfie. He's this rude (but hilarious) old man that... well, I'm not going to ruin it for you.
Uncle Alfie in "Death at a Funeral."
Alfie is the name of Craig Owen's baby in Doctor Who, at first he prefers to be called Stormageddon Dark Lord of All though.
Common as dirt.
Alfie is the main character in the disturbing children's book Alfie's Home. He has a dysfunctional family and is a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle. The book is a completely misguided and frankly disturbing anti-homosexual book disguised as a children's book dealing about abuse, with Alfie thinking he is gay as he grows up, the cause pretty much stated to be lack of attention from his dad and abuse. For any child dealing with the nightmare of abuse, it would be a very confusing and upsetting book.
Alfie Enoch plays Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies.
This sounds really babyish as a given name. It makes me think of a fat baby. It also makes me think of that rather freaky music video by Lily Allen about her little brother, in which his teeth were huge and Lily herself was kind of creepy.
If you're going to use this, call him Alfie, but name him Alfred. It's just too cutesy for a grown-up man.
Never name your child this, you'll regret it and your child will end up using its middle name the rest of its life.
There's a Lily Allen song called Alfie. It's about her little brother.
I think Alfie is cute, but a little too feminine sounding for a boy I think.
The popularity of this name, once considered grandad-ish, in Britain in the past few years has probably been due to the fictional Alfie Moon in the British soap EastEnders, played by Shane Richie from 2002 to 2005. However, I think it's passed its peak and I think that in a few years time it will go out of fashion again.
I think Alfie is adorable!
I absolutely loathe this name. In my honest opinion, Alfie is not a cute name at all.
I cannot imagine a grown man with the name Alfie, especially if he's a respected professional of some sort: "Dr. Alfie Johnson, renowned eye surgeon" or "Vice President Alfie Tucker." Maybe it's because of the series of kids' picture books by Shirley Hughes about Alfie and little sister Annie Rose.
My cat is called Alfie but I would never call my child Alfie.
Alfie could be a cute name for a litte boy, but I'm not quite sure about when he was older.
"Alfie" is a the name of a film from 1966 starring Michael Caine as the womanizer Alfie. It was remade recently with Jude Law.
"What's it all about Alfie?" My cousin is named after this song, which comes from the aforementioned film.

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