Perlita Greco (née Alfonsina Grecco Constantini; 1906 - 2001) was an Argentine-born actress, vedette, tango singer, and cabaret singer.
Alfonsina Strada (16 March 1891 – 13 September 1959) was an Italian cyclist, the only woman to have ridden one of cycling's three major stage races. She started in the Giro d'Italia in 1924 when the organisers mistook her for a man. Newspapers called her "The Devil in a dress". Her racing career included an Italian record which lasted 26 years.
Alfonsina Orsini (1472 – 7 February 1520) was a Regent of Florence. She governed the Republic of Florence during the absences of her son in the period of 1515–1519. Her rule was feared as a sign of the end of republican government there. She helped restore the Medicis to power after they had been exiled.
I don't like "Al" for a girl's nickname and I hate the idea of there being any chance of a girl being called "Fonzie"! Taken on the whole, I find this name to be a mouthful and not worth the work it takes to articulate. If it was prettier, I'd go to the trouble!
One famous bearer of the name is the Argentine (born in Switzerland to Argentine parents who then relocated in Argentina) poet Alfonsina Storni.
I was just looking though the Italian names, and I didn't think I was going to find any names in the "A's" that I like. But then I saw Alfonsina. At first I was like eww. But then I said it again in my head and I LOVE IT! It's so beautiful! How could anyone not like this name? It just rolls! Say it like 3 times! It's splendid!

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