Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Slovak, Slovene and Hungarian form of Alfonso.

Related Names

Rootsaþals + funs
Other Languages & CulturesAlfons(Catalan) Alfons, Fons(Dutch) Alphonso, Alphonzo, Lon, Lonnie, Lonny(English) Alonzo(English (American)) Alphonse(French) Afonso(Galician) Alfons(German) Adalfuns(Germanic) Alphonsus, Aþalafuns(Gothic) Alfonso(Italian) Funs, Funske(Limburgish) Alfonsas(Lithuanian) Afonso(Portuguese) Alfonso, Alonso(Spanish)


Name Days

Croatia: August 1
Hungary: October 30
Slovakia: January 28
Entry updated December 7, 2022