Alicja (Ala) Tracz is a Polish singer. She was chosen to represent her home country on home soil at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Warsaw.
Diminutives for the name Alicja: Ala, Alcia, Alunia
I'm sure because I'm from Poland (and sorry for my English).
This name sounds so much prettier than the overused "Alicia".
A famous bearer is Polish actress Alicja Pawliczka.
Polish singer Alicja Janosz bears the name.
Alicja is pronounced a-LEE-ts-ya. A pet name for Alicja is Ala. [noted -ed]
One of my best friends' first name. Sounds beautiful to me; very elegant name.
I really love this name. It sounds like "A-LI-zya".

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