Aline Brosh McKenna is an American screenwriter, best known for writing the movies 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada, as well as for co-creating the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
I think it's pretty, but I wouldn't use it.
The IPA pronunciation in ENGLISH is /ˈeɪ.liːn/ (AY-leen); /ˈeɪ.lɪn/ (AY-lin); /eɪ.ˈliːn/ (ay-LEEN) or /ə.ˈliːn/ (ə-LEEN).
Sounds pretty, but it looks like "a line".
I pronounce this name A (as in ape) - leen. Like Eileen, but with the A sound instead of the I sound. I think it's very nice, especially since it reminds me of Aline Penhallow, from The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare.
I like this, it's very unique. Maybe I'll use it in a story, but (definitely) not on a kid.
I always thought "Aline" just meant sunset... I guess you learn something new everyday ^^
A pretty enough name, but I have several cousins named "Aline," pronounced "ah-leen."
I love how people say this version as A-Leen. My version is spelt Aileen, and I tend to be called Eileen, Hayleen, or Hayley rather than A-Leen. As someone else said there aren't many of us about. I have never met another Aileen in the flesh yet.
My mother's middle name was Aline, pronounced A-leen, but most people would pronounce anything other than how it should be pronounced. Mum's story was that her mother got the name from reading somewhere that Renoir, the French painter's wife was named Aline. Aline's sisters didn't like her first name, Margaret telling their mother that if she insisted on Mum being called by her first name then they would call her Maggy instead. Their mother relented and so she was known as Aline.
Aline is my middle name. I'm named after my great-grandmother who lived in Denmark. I'm not sure if she was born and raised there or had moved there before she met my great grandfather. My family pronounces it A-lee-nuh. Although most people think it's pronounced or heard it is pronounced a-leen. The only person I've ever met with the same spelling of this name as mine was from Czechoslovakia and she pronounced it the same way that my family does a-lee-nuh.
Aline C Nakashima is a Brazilian model discovered at a modeling competition at the age of 17. She has made two appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, in 2006 and 2007. Her modeling agency is Marilyn Agency, New York City.
The name Aline was given to 51 girls born in the US in 2015.
Aline Beringar is the wife of sheriff Hugh Beringar in Ellis Peters' " Brother Cadfael" series of detective novels.
I'm in love with this name :)
I think it's beautiful and I'd definitely name my child Aline.
My favorite pronunciation is ah-LEEN.
Also used in Portuguese - pronounced [uh-LINN] [noted -ed]
Aline is the name of the heroine of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Sorcerer.
Aline Bonjour is a Swiss skier.
A famous bearer of this name was Aline (Charigot) Renoir, wife of the famous impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.
It is pronounced like A-lee-NUH in Norwegian.
It is a short form of Adeline which comes from German "Edel" & "Lind" meaning Noble and Kind.
It is rare in France but more common in Québec and Libya! And you can find 'Alina' in Eastern Europe.
When I was young I hated it because I was the only one at school. Now I love it because of the same reason.
I have a friend who pronounces it ah-LYNN.
I know a girl who pronounces her name AY-leen.
In France it's pronounced Ah-Leen.
Never name a child this, it's just cruel.
This is a town in Oklahoma.
I have also heard this name prononced al-LEE-NEE.

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