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Alisha Maher (née Inacio) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to Impact Wrestling under the ring name Alisha Edwards (most frequently under the mononym Alisha).
Alisha Chinai is an Indian pop singer known for her Indi-pop albums as well as playback singing in Hindi cinema. She began her singing career with the album Jadoo in 1985, and by the 1990s she had become known as the 'Queen of Indipop'. Her best known songs were with producers Anu Malik and Biddu during the 1990s. Her best known song is 'Made in India'.
Who forgot to spell Alicia?
I don't like the spelling, but the short I pronunciation used on Alicia is fine with me.
Terrible. Alicia looks beautiful but Alisha looks like you heard the name somewhere and weren't able to spell it properly. It also looks really trendy and dated that way.
I like it! It has a better spelling than Alicia.
Alisha is a great name, I love it so much.
My name is Alisha and I love my name, all my friends said that I have a pretty name that represented me and my personality.
The name Alisha was given to 269 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Alisha are female.
Alisha Boe is a Norwegian-Somali actress. She's known for portraying Jessica in Netflix's original series 13 Reasons Why. Boe made her acting debut in 2008, when she landed a role of Child Lisa in a horror film, Amusement. A year later she appeared in the film, He's On My Mind, as Laci and in 2012 in Paranormal Activity 4 as Tara. In 2014, she guest-starred in two shows, in January as Tracy McCoy, Cameron Tucker's student in Modern Family, and in July, as Brynn Hendry in two episodes of the thriller show Extant. In November 2014, she joined the cast of NBC's soap opera drama series Days of Our Lives in a recurring role of Daphne. She debuted on November 14, 2014. In 2017 she played the role Jessica in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.
My name is Alisha and I love my name because I have never met another Alisha with the same spelling.
My name is Alisha. Pronounced Ah-lee-sha. I get called Ah-lish-a quite a bit. I much prefer the spelling Alicia.
Alisha is a very good and sweet Christian name, meaning by oath of god.
I love this name. Its sound is gorgeous and the meaning ("noble") is pretty great, too. I do prefer this spelling, since it wouldn't be pronounced incorrectly as frequently as Alicia (which I pronounce the Spanish way, a-LEES-ee-a). The only reason I would go with the spelling Alicia over Alisha is because some sources say this spelling means "protected by God," which I hate. Since I don't believe in a god, it basically means "protected by nothing." Not a good meaning. Otherwise, the name is great, but I would take it to mean "noble."
It is pronounced as Ah-lee-shah, whereas something like Alicia the "c" does not indicate a "SH" sound at all.
I laughed reading the comments about this name, even the rude "This name is so ghetto/vulgar/pathetic" comments. My name is Alisha, pronounced Ah-lee-shah, and I personally hate the name (but I don't think it's "ghetto/vulgar" - that's a bit overkill). It's not the spelling that I hate, I just hate the name Alisha/Alicia, etc. in general, because it's boring in my opinion. I've had tons of people tell me they like my name/spelling though. I've been called the weirdest things though, like Ashton, Alyssa, Alisa (that's all I can remember). I've also had someone tell me it's a black girl's name (I'm white... lol) My friends and family call me Alisha but my coworkers call me Ali, Al, or Alicat. At first I hated those nicknames, but now I'm embracing them. However, I only like the meaning of my name, "protected by God".
My name is Alisha ( pronounsed as Ah-Lish-Ah). Honestly, this name has its pro's & con's. I am the only Alisha in a school with 300 students. But some people pronounce it wrong. It's not a big deal. It is different for every Alisha out there. So anyone who has this name is blessed. Don't hate it, embrace it!
What does Alisha mean?Meaning of the name Alisha
1. Alisha[ 3 syll. A-lis-ha, al-i-sha ] The baby girl name Alisha is pronounced as aa-Liy-SHaa †. Alisha is largely used in the English and Indian languages. Its origin is Germanic and Sanskrit. From Sanskrit roots, its meaning is "protected by god" - in this context, Alisha can be used in the Indian language.In addition, Alisha is an English variant transcription of Alice.Alisha is also an English variant transcription of the name Alicia (English, Latinized, Spanish, French, and Scandinavian).Alisha is also an English variant transcription of the name Ilisha (English and Hebrew).The name Alisha is widely used; it has 27 variant transcriptions that are used in English and other languages. Variation transcriptions of Alisha used in English include Aaleasha, Aaliesha, Aalisha, Aleasha, Aleesha, Aleisha, Alesha, Aliesha, Aliscia, Alisea, Alishah, Alishay, Alishaye, Alishia, Alishya, Alisia, Alissia, Alissya, Alitsha, Allisha, Allysha, Alysha, Alyssaya, and Elisha. The diminutives Lisha (used in Hebrew too) and Lishi are other English variant transcriptions. A variant transcription of the name in other languages is Ilisha (Hebrew).Alisha is a classic favorite. Currently it is still a somewhat popular baby girl name, but to a lesser degree than it was previously. The name's popularity rose from the 1960s up to the 1980s; before that, it was of very light use only. At the modest height of its usage in 1987, 0.128% of baby girls were given the name Alisha. It had a ranking of #118 then. The baby name has seen a loss in popularity since then. In 2012, its usage was 0.016% and its ranking #866. Within the family of girl names directly linked to Alisha, Alice was the most widely used. In 2012, it was more frequently used than Alisha by 8 times.Baby names that sound like Alisha include Aleisha, Alesha, Alysha, Aahliyah, Aailiyah, Aaleah, Aaleasha, Aaleyah, Aalia, Aaliah, Aalliah, Aelicia, Alaïs, Alake, Alecsis, Alecxis, Aleesa, Aleja, Aleka, and Alekko.† Pronunciation for Alisha: AA as in "odd (AA. D)" ; L as in "lay (L. EY)" ; IY as in "eat (IY. T)" ; SH as in "she (SH. IY)"
I love this name, spelled this way. When it comes down to it, spelling isn't as important as pronunciation or meaning, but this is probably my favorite spelling.
I've met SO many Alisha's in my life that I'm really sick of hearing this name now..-. I've never come across an Alisha who uses the "ə-LISH-ə" pronunciation, they all pronounced it as "ə-LEE-shə". I think "ə-LISH-ə" actually sounds quite ugly. "ə-LEE-shə" sounds better. The name Alisha is OK though not spectacular or special in my opinion.
My name is Alisha (Ah-Lee-Sha) and yes, there are mispronunciations and misspellings, but I love having a different spelling. I am unique and my name fits me. My step daughter used to pronounce it Yisa because she couldn't say the L or "SH" right and it was the cutest thing ever. And I have been told it was a black girls name but I have yet to meet a black girl with the name "Alisha" the closest I've seen is Felicia...
My name is spelt Alisha (pronounced as ah-lish-ah) and I love it! My nicknames are Lisha, Lishy, Lish, Ishy (EE-she) and children call me Wishy or Wisha because they can't say 'L' properly (so cute). The only problem I get is people misspelling it.
The Alisha I know pronounces it A-LISH-a which is exactly how it looks to be pronounced. I think it would be much easier to understand if A-LISH-a was always spelled Alisha and a-lee-sha was spelled Alesha and a-lee-see-uh was spelled Alicia.
I rather like it actually, despite it being a "misspelling." Some people would pronounce it with the short I though, and that gets old.
Alisha White was the runner up of Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 6.
Alisha is usually pronounced as ə-LEE-shə. My name is Alisha, and I know two others with the same name pronounced the same way. [noted -ed]
This is my given name and I'm rather fond of it. It serves me well, suits me, and has plenty of nickname options; Alice, Ali, Al, Lee, LeeLee, Sasha *the list goes on*
I think Alisha shouldn't be spelled Alica. I like how it is ALI-SHA. So cute!
I love this name spelled like this! It's not pathetic or trendy! I don't know anyone but one person that it's spelled like this! Also it sounds like what it is Ali-Sha!
This spelling gives the name a bit of a ghetto look, although it was used by a British duo Alisha's Attic back in the 90s, as if anyone but me and a handful of people who actually listened to their music could remember that. The name actually sounds ghetto too, even though it's very common and not a ghetto name per se.
This name is so terrible, trendy and pathetic. The typical name to sound 'cool' or 'fly', as some say. Give your daughter a decent name, and call her Alicia, or even Alice. But Alisha is one of the most horribly vulgar names I've heard.
Actually Elisha was a Biblical character. He was a prophet. However it's a German name which means "Truth" and "Noble". I think it's quite a happening name to bear.
I hate this spelling. It looks very unsophisticated to me.
The name ALISHA is also a boy's name, a variant of the Biblical name ELISHA. This variation has the same meaning, and pronounced AL-EYE'-SHUH.
I LOVE this name. My second daughter's first name is this :) No matter what your name is, it is most certainly ALWAYS going to get misspelled or prounounced wrong. I like the unique spelling.
My best friend's name is Alisha! I have always liked this name. Althought it's spelt Alisha it is pronounced A-lee-sh-A. The spelling isn't wrong it's just different, but if we were all the same the world would suck.
This is my name! Once I asked my mom what ever possessed her to spell my name Alisha, although it is still pronounced "alicia" (like the southern Alicia or Alicia Keys) and she said the Anasthesia made her woosy. A flimsy excuse I say. I've been called everything from AH-LISH-AH, AH-LISA and it is infurating. If you are naming your child this SPELL IT RIGHT! Or be prepared for them to continually miss rollcall because of mispronunciation!

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