Alister Fletcher is a character from Tomb Raider: Legend. He is Lara Croft's obnoxious research assistant.
I prefer the spellings Alastair and Alastair.
I would spell it "Allister".
A character from the Dragon Age: Origins game. He's a prince, son of Merrick. I personally Love LOVE LOVE this name. I plan to name my unborn son this.
Actually, the 'Dragon Age' character is named Alistair (and his father is named Maric).
A character from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh is named this. Alister is part of this group called DOMA who takes away people's souls and stuff. He's a really cool guy, and his name fits him.
Yeah I know the dude from Doma too; fits him much better than Amelda.

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