Much better than Aaliyah.
Aliya is the name of Cable’s deceased wife in the X-Men comics and movies.
Aliya Wolf is an American model and photographer who is Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for February 2004. A model since she was nineteen, she is a former Miss Houston and Star Search spokesmodel. Wolf tried out for Playboy scouts for the 50th Anniversary Playmate Hunt. She appeared in its pictorial in the December 2003 issue. Wolf lives in Texas, and is married and has children. She rides Harley-Davidson's and maintains horses.
Aliya Mustafina, a Russian gymnast.
Whenever I heard the song "Ah, Leah" growing up (good song, by the way), I always thought the singer was saying "Aliya"! Anyway, this name is simply beautiful, with no harsh sounds.

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