I hate this name, if you want to name your girl Aliza, choose Eliza!
I changed my mind, this name is not bad. I still wish it was pronounced like Eliza, then I would like it better.
The meaning joyful is nice, but the name and pronunciation is bad. I like Eliza better.
Much better than Eliza!
Oh, you made a typo. This name is E-l-i-z-a, Not A-l-i-z-a.
If only this name was pronounced like Eliza!
This is my aunt's name - I always liked it compared to other names in my family.
I have a close friend with this name, so I am rather fond of the name.
I have a friend with this name and I love her a lot. She's the only person I've known with the name Aliza. She sometimes gets annoyed because she gets called Eliza so much. She said that if it was spelled Aleza she wouldn't be mistaken as Eliza as often.
Damn, if this name was pronounced as uh-lie-zuh (Eliza) I'd be sold.

Uh-lee-zuh really? That's not as good.
A famous bearer was Aliza Begin (1920-82), wife of Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin.
This is my middle name so I've always been fond of it. I love that my name has two Zs in it, and the Z in Aliza sounds sassy yet the whole name sounds sweet. I dislike the spelling Aleeza though.
My friend has a little girl with this name, but she used an alternative spelling 'Aleeza'.
You've mistake in the spelling - not òìéöä but òìéæä. [noted -ed]
You have a lot of mistakes when it comes to Hebrew names.
I like this name as a nice alternative to Eliza. I am considering it for my daughter due in June!

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