Alla Nazimova was born Miriam Edez Adelaida. Anyways, she makes me think of this name as a loud, elegant name, kinda a diva name but it works irl. I wish it was used more.
I don't like Alla.
Possibly a form of Ella.
Alla is used here in Ukraine and in Russia. It sounds soft feminine and pretty. Short and sweet :) I do often think it looks or sounds incomplete though, as though there needs to be more to the name such as a longer form, kind of like it's lacking something, or it's not entire. I think it is how I feel for a lot of short names but this is just my opinion. The other con's are probably the meaning isn't so wonderful, the comparison to Allah (Islam) and it's a word in Swedish as well as in Italian.
I don't know if this name would be understood or appreciated by other nationalities or cultures for those reasons. For a short name, It is beautiful.
Alla in Spanish language means "over there"...
Means "all; everyone" in Swedish.
Don't like it. Sounds too close to Allah to be used in English.
Alla Nazimova was a famous Russian actress who was a big star in the silent film era, specializing in exotic villanesses.
Value, origin. Alla in translation from ancient Arabic - "letter", from ancient Greek - "revival", from gothic - "another". Presumably the name has the German origin, but its exact meaning is not established.

Alla - is an ancient Arabic goddess of the sky and a rain. In pantheons of Arabs of the Syrian desert Alla - a female parallel of the Allah, his spouse and mother of gods, in Central Arabia - the daughter of the Allah. Some ethnic groups viewed Alla as the goddess of the sun, but more often she acted as the goddess of a planet of Venus, was identified with Aphrodite. Obviously, Alla was also the goddess of clouds and lightnings, she was related to war. In Nabatee and Palmira she was identified with Aphina.

Her images are portrayed as a goddess-warrior in a helmet and with a spear in the right hand, and sometimes - sitting on a throne among lions. In the city of Taif Alla was worshipped as its patroness. There were her sacred territories, a temple and an idol - a white granite stone with ornaments. Having destroyed Taif's sanctuary, prophet Mohammed was forbidden to hunt and cut trees in this territory.

Alla Gotfskaya, the martyress, together with many other things Christians Goti have been burnt by pagans in a temple during church service (IV century), on April, 8th (on March, 26th).

The Zodiac of the name is an Aries. The planet is the Sun. Color of the name is Scarlet. The stone is a ruby.
This is a word in Spanish which means "over there" pronounced ie-ya.
Alla Pugacheva, a famous Russian singer, bears this name.
While it may sound similar to "Aliyah" as previous commented noted, its origins are actually not Arabic or Hebrew, but Slavic. It's a Russian form of Scarlet. "Alla" is a variation of "Allaya", which means, literally, "scarlet".
This name is both Arabic and Hebrew in origin. Relates to Aaliah or Aaliaya and all the versions of it. Meaning to "ascend" or "go up". Also means "noble one" from the Arabic for the Moslem God Allah but with pronunciation stressed on the first syllable (A-lla) rather than the last syllable in Allah (Al-lah). Most commonly used in Russia and Greece for reasons unknown.

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