Sounds like the name of a princess or something.
Beautiful name, and I'd definitely consider it for a future child.
ATTENTION: Allegria (al-le-GREE-a) is not an elaborated variant of Allegra but a real commonly used word in Italy.

Infact, Allegra is an adjective while Allegria is its substantive meaning 'glee, cheerfulness'. [noted -ed]
Allegria from CIRQUE DU SOLEIL my favourite song!
I prefer the spelling Allegra. Allegria looks more like 'allergy' than Allegra to me. Besides, I didn't hear of the allergy medicine until I saw it mentioned in the comments for Allegra.
This is my absolute favorite name ever. I love the fact that it means "lively". I will definitely use this someday, unless it gains too much popularity.
Allegria is also the variant spelling of Italian Allegra, meaning "cheerful and lively."
I think this is a nice choice if you like Allegra but don't want the association with the allergy medicine.
That's just what I was going to post. Allegra is a beautiful name itself, but I find it unusable today because of the popular allergy medicine. Allegria takes care of that.

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