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Alma is also a feminine name in Hebrew.
It means a maiden, a young lady.
The name is uncommon but not rare.
Like many other modern Hebrew names (when Hebrew became a spoken language again), it is most likely not older than a hundred years. [noted -ed]
In Hebrew, the name "Alma" can mean two things, depending on the slightly different spelling:
1. World (it's actually an Aramaic word. Hebrew would be "olam");
2. Young lady, a maiden.
The name of the river derives from the Crimean Tatar word for 'apple'.
Also means 'good/all good' in Celtic and Irish, 'loving' in Swedish and 'little girl' in Hebrew.
Alma is also the word for "soul" in Portuguese. It's not very common here in Brazil.
In addition to its Latin "soul" meaning, Alma appears both in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the Book of Mormon as a man's name.
Alma also means "apple" in Kazakh.
Alma means "apple" in Hungarian.
You can find the name Alma in the bible (the old testament}. It is a word in Hebrew that means "a young women". In Israel it used to be a rare name for older people. Lately it became fashionable again, but it is still quite unique.
Alma is a Spanish name meaning Soul.
Also an ancient Greek name, Alma (f), Almos (m), son of Sisyfos. In Greek "alma" means jump.

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