Suits an older person more in my opinion.
My name is Alma, and I like it.
To all those who think Alma would be a 'farty old lady', you're wrong - I'm 12 years old!
It can mean soul, apple, and, in Hebrew (I come from Israel), young woman.
I think my name is beautiful, but you're entitled to you're opinions.
It’s very pretty, but it sounds like almond. Also the name of the program my school uses to grade us and make our schedules. Also the name of Doc’s neighbor’s little sister on Doc McStuffins...don’t ask me why I know that.
Alma is my birth name, pronounced ALL-MUH. I always hated it. It sounds bland and fake in my opinion.
I love this name and I'm so happy it's #2 in Denmark. It's simple, gentle, and sounds nearly mythological.
Also Croatian: [noted -ed]
Also Slovene: [noted -ed]
Some people here are being so close minded about this name! Just because you've never met a young Alma doesn't mean everyone named Alma is "a farty old lady" or whatever. I think it's very pretty and has a lot of sentiment packed into it.
Alma DE GROEN, born Alma Mathers in New-Zealand in 1941, is an Australian feminist playwright. She was the first playwright to receive the Patrick White Award in 1998. Her work includes THE JOSS ADAMS SHOW (1972), one of the 1st expression of Second Wave feminism on the Australian stage; THE RIVERS OF CHINA (1987), about New-Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield; and THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1998), about the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.
I was born Mary Alma but called Alma. Growing up I wasn't happy with the name. A lot of people made rude comments so at first I asked to be called Mary. But later I really liked it. I could have made fun of theirs but I am not impolite to others. Some girls tried to change the pronunciation to Elma or Allma or Olma- my reply to them was when you say Albert or Alwin you don't pronounce it as Allbert or Allwin. One woman said Alma sounded harsh so I said "Then don't say my name." She took the huff! Personally everybody's given a name that is theirs alone. I have been amazed by so many of the comments made here - why be so rude. I am proud to be called Alma. It can mean Apple (my Dad called me the "apple of his eye") from the bible.
It also means VIRGIN (that's good isn't it?) or young maiden. I once was a virgin and a young maiden. The name also means kind, pleasing and caring SO WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE Eh!? That's what I'm like - hip hip Hooray!
I have a best friend named Alma and she is full of energy and she is also peaceful at the same time.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alma who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 601st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very old fashioned.
Alma Coin is from the Hunger Games.
This name sounds bland and incomplete.
Alma is the county seat of Bacon County, Georgia.
I'm due to have a daughter in July and will be naming her Alma.
The name Alma was given to 390 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Alma are female.
We named our daughter this. We've had people think her name is Emma and Elmo.

We pronounce it ALL-ma, but many people pronounce it AL-ma (like Alps) even after being corrected. I know that's a common pronunciation, but it is annoying when people can't hear the difference.

Also a little girl she plays with has a German grandmother, which is Oma in German. That caused some confusion for their family.
Alma is a nice name. I like the nickname Ally.
Also a Hungarian name. Pronounced: AWL-maw.
My name is Alma. From elementary to high school I was the only Alma at school. I was never bullied because of my name. There really is nothing about this name that would bring about any type of bullying. When I was 19 I worked at a grocery store and there for the first time I met another Alma. While working there many people noticed my name, and said that it was a beautiful and old name. Others would tell me that their sister, mother, or grandma's name was Alma. Those people were older. I never thought much about my name, but it was nice knowing that there is actually many others who share the same name as me. English speakers have asked a lot about the pronunciation of my name. I usually pronounce it in a way that is easy for them to say, but I prefer the Spanish pronunciation. The English pronunciation can sound stuffy and forced if said a certain way. Well, that's all I have to say about the name Alma.
For not much of a reason other than my personal opinion, I just don't care much for this name. It's certainly not 100% dreadful but at the same time, I don't see anything special about it. The name doesn't "sparkle" for me, if you will. It does makes me think of Alabama (ALabaMA)
This is the name of Alma Hodge, Orson's first wife on Desperate Housewives. She is crazy.
We named our daughter born in 2015 this and the two most frequent comments we get are that it's beautiful or that it's an old name to which I just say that the only person I ever met with the name was born in the 1980s like me. The other top responses are a blank stare or confusion about pronunciation.

No nicknames so far, but the easiest, Allie, was used by my niece when she was little so :). Otherwise, my family likes to call her Almond Joy.
My full name is Alma Jean. I was named after my aunt and was told it is a common southern name. I really didn't like it when I was younger in school. As I've gotten older, I like it more and more.
Outside English usually pronounced more like al-MA or ul-MAH, not to be confused with male Elmar.
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Germany.
Alma is also a feminine name in Hebrew.
It means a maiden, a young lady.
The name is uncommon but not rare.
Like many other modern Hebrew names (when Hebrew became a spoken language again), it is most likely not older than a hundred years. [noted -ed]
One day Alma is going to be the name of my first daughter (if I get one). Everyone seems to think that it's a name for an old lady and not a little girl, but I beg to differ. At first I didn't really pay this name any mind, but when you really listen to it, it has a lovely sound to it. I don't think this is the kind of name that would get you bullied, it doesn't have any bad meaning to it. The person makes the name, not the other way around.
Alma is quite a common name for young girls in Argentina. I don't know any older women with this name. It is not one of the most popular names but it is rather trendy.
My name is Alma Lilia. When I was younger I didn't like the name because even my own siblings couldn't pronounce it properly. To this day they pronounce it "Elma", but now I love my name. I enjoy the fact that it is not a common name. It has a very long history that dates back to the Bible and Aramaic which is the base for Hebrew and Arabic. After the Crimean War, it was used for males and then became feminine again. It has been used all over western Europe and has extended to Mexico and the United States, but it is still not commonly used. It has a very rich history, too much to type here, so anyone with the name should do their research and enjoy such a historic name.
My name is Alma Jean. My grandmother gave it to me and for 55 years I didn't like it. But in the last 6 I have come to love it. It made me who I am, it gave me strength and creativity. I only met one person of my age growing up who had Alma as a middle name.
My name is Alma. I have had it over 80 years. Hated it as a young girl. Then living in the Southwest my name became one I learned to accept. Love the Spanish meaning "soul" and a new respect that came with it. So many have shared they have a favorite relative with the name Alma. By the way, I got it from my Swedish grandmother. We were not always old ladies. Embrace your names. We are all unique.
Alma is one of my middle names, I was given it in honour of my great grandmother. I do get teased about it at times, but I don't really mind. I used to hate it, but now I think it's really pretty and I like having it as a middle name.
Reminds me of Alma mater.
My name is Alma, and I really like it. It's not very common here in Australia, and people frequently mistake it for other names the first time they hear it (I've had Emma, Amy, Amber and bizarrely, Annabelle, a lot), but I still like it. I've never met another Alma, though sometimes people tell me they have grandmothers called Alma. I went by Allie when I was younger, because it felt too old to me, though my friend tells me she doesn't think of it as an old name, just an unusual one because most Almas are dead now.
In Hebrew, the name "Alma" can mean two things, depending on the slightly different spelling:
1. World (it's actually an Aramaic word. Hebrew would be "olam");
2. Young lady, a maiden.
The name of the river derives from the Crimean Tatar word for 'apple'.
Pick-alma, pick-alma, pick-alma! Any Norwegian will understand this. Or if you watch foreign cinema. Never liked the name, but now anyone called this in Norway is horribly teased!
People practically have orgasms over this name, but I never thought is was THAT great. Yes, it's pretty and it has its own charm, but it's not the be-all and end-all. It kind of sounds like the name of an old lady who can't stop farting.
This name was used by Edmund Spenser for a character in his epic poem 'The Faerie Queene.' Alma was a beautiful virgin whose castle was besieged by evil knights, but was rescued by Prince Arthur and Sir Guyon. She welcomed the two knights into her house. The robber knights resumed their siege, but Arthur defeated them for good by slaying their leader, Maleger.
Not really a famous bearer of the name, but there is a character in an online comic named Alma. She's part of kougawuv's story about Thanatos called Gallows Humor on deviantart.
Also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Alma is the name of a 2009 animated short film by Rodrigo Blaas. In it, Alma is a young girl who gets trapped in a doll store.
Alma Coin is the president of District Thirteen in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
British singer Alma Cogan (1932-66) - very glamorous and known as "the girl with the giggle in her voice".
The widow Alma Garrett (played by Molly Parker) is one of the main characters of the Western TV show "Deadwood" (2004--2006).
An "Alma, son of Judah" appears in the dead sea scrolls. 2 men named Alma appear in the Book Of Mormon (before the discovery of the first, the feminine and Latin origin of the name was used to support arguments that the book is fictional).
This name is also (somewhat uncommonly) used in the Netherlands. The Dutch pronunciation is as follows: UL-mə:
A famous bearer of the name is Alma Mahler, the wife of composer Gustav Mahler.
My name is Alma but people usually just call me Emma because they can't pronounce it properly.
Also means 'good/all good' in Celtic and Irish, 'loving' in Swedish and 'little girl' in Hebrew.
From the Book of Mormon, part of the scriptures in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. Alma the Elder was believed to be a Nephite prophet living around 173 b.c. in South America. When the Book of Mormon first introduces Alma the Elder, he is a wicked priest of the wicked King Noah who watches God's prophet, Abinadi, burn at the stake. He then repents of his wrongdoings and becomes a prophet. Alma the younger is, according to the LDS faith, Alma the Elder's rebellious son who went around with the sons of Mosiah (Mosiah II, not to be confused with Mosiah I) trying to destroy the church. Alma was struck down by an angle and had a vision where he sorrowed greatly for his sins. He and the sons of Mosiah repented and became missionaries. Alma later became the prophet.
Alma is also the word for "soul" in Portuguese. It's not very common here in Brazil.
Personally, I'm happy that I'm named Alma. I think it's a nice name, and unique, especially since I'm of Chinese heritage. Most of my relatives didn't know my name existed at first. I've never been bullied in school for it, and although most Almas are older women, I still think it fits young girls.
It also is the name for the wild apple, malus sieversii, in Kazakh and Hungarian.
Alma Mahler wife of the great composer Gustav Mahler and Alma Gluck, American soprano.
I associate this name with the wonderful 19th century painter, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He is well known for his crystal-clear paintings of idyllic Classical scenes.
Alma is the name of the main character's younger sister in Final Fantasy Tactics. When I think of this name I think of her, a gentle and kind, blonde girl. Not an old woman.
I found this name old-fashioned and stuffy at first, but it's definitely growing on me. I think it's pretty cute when you think about it.
Alma is the main antagonist in the video game F.E.A.R. She appears to be a very creepy little girl. She appears a lot throughout the games- most of the time ducking out of sight or out of the corner the player's eye.
Also used in Sweden where it was ranked #29 in 2008.
Alma is my middle name and I must say it is pretty good, much better than my first.
This is a lovely name. Alma sounds unique without being strange, unlike a lot of names nowadays. I am glad that it isn't too popular now and would consider using this name if I had a girl.
I think this is a very beautiful name that will always be associated with the Spanish word for soul.

It was the name of the heroine in The History of Love.
As a language practicant in Helsinki, I have actually come across a poor little girl named Alma in the German kindergarten. I have no idea what her parents were thinking. This is no name for cute, blonde little girls in the 21st century. What comes to mind is an old, kooky woman who rants to strangers and looks like she hasn't showered in about two years. I think there's even a Finnish expression, ''kassi-alma'', which is basically the Finnish expression for a homeless bag lady. I don't know how common it is in usage, but I still feel sorry for the girl.
A famous bearer is Alma the Younger from the Book of Mormon.
I know plenty of elderly women named Alma, but no younger ones. I do think the name is pretty though.
In addition to its Latin "soul" meaning, Alma appears both in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the Book of Mormon as a man's name.
This means soul in Portuguese. Not really my favorite name though.
My dog's named Alma. For me, this is an old name, maybe fitting an old lady, but not a child or a young woman. If my daughter would have the name Alma, she would definitely be bullied in school for it.
I am 19 years old and my name is Alma and as a response to a previous comment, I was never bullied in school because of it.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
My friend's name is Alma, but we call her Marie or Rie. She's the only Alma that I know, with the exception of her mom. I think it's more of a Spanish name than it is English, which makes sense considering the fact that my friend is Mexican.
Alma is the name of a few characters in The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.
Alma also means "apple" in Kazakh.
Alma Maria Mahler-Werfel was a beautiful and intelligent Viennese composer who lived from 1879 to 1964. She was married to composer Gustav Mahler, then architect Walter Gropius, then novelist Franz Werfel.
Alma is quite a cute name, but I can only imagine an old woman with the name. My grandfather's sister's name is Alma Rosa.
Alma is the name of my daughter, it is very common in Mexico. I don't know why you don't include this this.
Alma means "apple" in Hungarian.
Considering there aren't really any other well-known modern Almas, I have a feeling that this name is going to be associated with Alma in Brokeback Mountain for a while. Nice enough woman, but given that her role in the story is to be the long-suffering wife of a gay man, it's not the best of associations.
Alma was a prophet in the Book of Mormon (and had a son named after him, who was also a prophet).
Alma Del Mar is the name of Michelle Williams' character in Brokeback Mountain. Beautiful name.
Alma mater is Latin for "nourishing mother". It was used in ancient Rome as a title for the mother goddess, and in Medieval Christianity for the Virgin Mary.
In the English language it is used as a term for the university or college a person has attended.
Alma was the name of Hitchcock's wife, who worked closely with him on most of his films.
You can find the name Alma in the bible (the old testament}. It is a word in Hebrew that means "a young women". In Israel it used to be a rare name for older people. Lately it became fashionable again, but it is still quite unique.
Alma is a Spanish name meaning Soul.
Alma College is a small liberal arts college in the middle of lower Michigan.
Also an ancient Greek name, Alma (f), Almos (m), son of Sisyfos. In Greek "alma" means jump.

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