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Member since November 2, 2007
Nameluiza (lu)
Locationunder the sun and on top of the ground

I love: horses, life, names and their meanings, animals, nature, chocolate, daydreaming, hanging out with my friends, reading, eating while reading, the name isaac

I hate: war, violence, animal abuse, boring work, I wish: I could have a different name (like layla or something), I could rid the world of all bad stuff with a wave of my handI am: really tall for my age, a very contant daydreamer, obsessive about names and also about other cultures (wanna learn! wanna learn!! wanna learn about everything!!!)´´True smiles do not fade in the mist, but stay there, bold as brass
True hearts do not go up in wisps, but break as if made of glass
Why sir, does it need to be broken? Can't it stay untarnished and whole?
Dearest one when your heart is in pieces, you have shown your true spirit and soul ``
ho hum

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