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PronouncedPron.al-əg-zan-DREE-nə English

Meaning & History

Elaborated form of ALEXANDRA. This was the first name of Queen Victoria; her middle name was Victoria.
VariantsAlexandra Portuguese Alexandra, Alexandrea, Alexandria English
Masculine FormsAlexandre Portuguese Alexander English
Other Languages & CulturesAlexandra Ancient Greek Aleksandra, Aleksandrina, Asya, Sashka Bulgarian Alexandra Catalan Aleksandra, Sanda, Sandra, Saša Croatian Alexandra Czech Alexandra, Sandra Danish Alexandra, Alex, Sandra, Xandra Dutch Aleksandra Estonian Alexandra, Alexandrine, Alexandrie, Sacha, Sandra, Sandrine, Sasha French Alexandra, Alexa, Sandra, Sascha German Alexandra, Aleka Greek Alexandra Greek Mythology Alexandra, Alexa, Szandra Hungarian Alexandra, Sandra Icelandic Alastríona Irish Alessandra, Alessa, Alexandra, Sandra Italian Sandra Latvian Sandra Lithuanian Aleksandra, Sandra, Sashka Macedonian Alexandra, Sandra Norwegian Aleksandra, Ola, Sandra Polish Alexandra, Sanda, Sandra Romanian Aleksandra, Alexandra, Aleksandrina, Asya, Sanya, Sasha, Shura Russian Saundra Scottish Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša Serbian Alexandra Slovak Aleksandra, Sandra, Saša Slovene Alejandra, Ale, Alexandra, Sandra Spanish Alexandra, Sandra, Sassa Swedish Aleksandra, Alexandra, Oleksandra, Lesya, Sasha Ukrainian


queens, queens regnant
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