I really like this name. It's got such an interesting history, very multicultural lol. Have a friend who used to go by Almudena, they now mainly go by Almu (diminutive of Almudena, pronounced like al-muh or al-moo, somewhere in between the two lol). Both sound really cool, extravagant but also youthful and fun. :)
Almudena Fernández is a famous Spanish fashion model.
There is also a related Bosnian name Almedina, which comes from the same Arabic words for "the city", but its connotations are Muslim rather than Catholic Christian.
Almudena Grandes (Spanish writer)
Almudena Cid (Spanish artistic gymnast, retired)
It is also used as a MAN's name, usually in constructions, e.g. "José Almudena" or "Almudena Miguel".
As a child living in Spain I had a friend named Almudena. Everyone simply called her Almu - al-moo.
A variant is Almedina. I think Almudena is a beautiful name, but I don't like the MUD in the middle! :)
The correct pronunciation of Almudena is al-moo-DEH-nah.

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