I think Alona is such a pretty name and yes it does around like Alone-a but it still is a beautiful name! I would pair it with Rae or Grace since they are simple and short like Alona.
This name looks and sounds pretty, but the one thing I don't like is how it sounds like "alone-ah".
If this were my name I'd want to always be Alone-a.
My best friend's name is Alonah (uh-lawn-uh) but she hates it because no one can say it right. She is constantly called Aloha which is ridiculous because they are obviously not the same.
Someone commented that it's not to be used in America, but I definitely disagree because that person's reasoning is just his or her own personal impression. This is my name & I assure you - I have gotten nothing but compliments my entire life in America about it. It brings smiles & comments of 'that's beautiful,' 'what a beautiful name' (& even comments like 'how poetic sounding'). Also, although the root is Hebrew, most people hearing it in America don't associate it with Israel or Jewishness. It's fine if someone associates it with that, but I myself am not Jewish. Most people in America who guess an origin of it guess Hawaii because it reminds them of the Hawaiian word 'aloha.' (In America, it's pronounced "uh LO nuh" ('lo' rhyming with go) or "uh LAH nuh" - usually "uh LO nuh." Obviously it's the "uh LO nuh" pronunciation that reminds some folks of 'aloha.')
Alona Frankel is an Israeli writer. She is most famous for her Once Upon a Potty books.
Often used as a Hebrew sounding variation of the Russian Alyona, same way as Yuri is changed to Uri.
Famous bearer: Israeli actress Alona Tal.
Her most notable roles were Meg Manning on Veronica Mars and Jo Harvelle on Supernatural and she also guest starred on other shows such as the Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer and Monk.
Not the worst Jewish name out there, but in English-speaking countries, this name sounds too much like the word 'alone'.
Oh, and even worse, it sounds like ''a loner'' with a New York pronunciation. Not to be used in America. In Britain, the word 'loner' is pretty much pronounced like ''lonah'' anyway, so certainly not to be used in Britain, Australia, or New Zealand.
Pronounced ah-loh-nah.
I am using this name in a story I'm writing. It's not my favorite (I much prefer Havilah and Hodel as far as feminine Jewish names go), but it works for the character because it is the feminine form of Alon, which means "oak tree". Just FYI. ;)

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