I personally like the name # Alphonse. It gives me an impression of big dreams.
UZARAMA Alphonse  12/25/2019
Czech painter Alphonse Mucha, born Alfons Maria Mucha, one of the leading artists of the Art Nouveau movement.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2018
Alphonse, the first name of Alphonse Elric. I do much prefer Ed's personality, but I think the name Alophonse fits Al very well.
Lucielle Malfoy  11/19/2015
I adore this name. It's mature and yet cute.
autumn23  4/13/2013
Alphonse (1220-1271) was also the name of another son of King Louis VIII of France and his wife Blanca of Castile. He was named after his older deceased brother.
CarolinW  6/13/2012
Alphonse (1213-1213) was the son of King Louis VIII of France and his wife Blanca.
CarolinW  6/13/2012
Alphonse Allais (1854-1905) was a French writer.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2011
In Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, Alphonse is the father of Victor Frankenstein, the man who created the monster.
steampunkjedi  3/23/2011
Old old old. I know of a kitten called like this because it's not a name given anymore and sounds funny.
luxsword  10/24/2008
One of the most infamous men in American history (Prohibition) bore this name: Alphonse "Al" Capone.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2007
Alphonse Daudet (May 13, 1840 - December 17, 1897) was a French novelist. He was the father of Léon Daudet and Lucien Daudet.
sweetbabe  1/24/2007
Alphonse Marie Louise Prat de Lamartine (Alphonse-Marie-Louis de Prat de Lamartine) (October 21, 1790 - February 28, 1869) was a French writer, poet and politician, born in Mâcon into French provincial nobility.

He is famous for his partly autobiographical poem, "Le Lac" ("The Lake"), which describes in retrospect the fervent love shared by a couple from the point of view of the bereaved man. Lamartine was masterly in his use of French poetic forms. He was one of very few French literary figures to combine his writing with a political career. Raised a devout Catholic Lamartine became a pantheist, writing Jocelyn and La Chute d'un ange. He wrote Histoire des Girondins in 1847 in praise of the Girondists.

He worked for the French embassy in Italy from 1825 to 1828. In 1829, he was elected a member of the Académie française. He was elected a 'député' in 1833, and was briefly in charge of government during the turbulence of 1848. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs from February 24, 1848 to May 11, 1848.

During his term as a politician in the Second Republic of France, he led efforts that eventually led to the abolition of slavery and the death penalty, as well as the enshrinement of the right to work and the shortlived national workshop programs. A political idealist who supported democracy and pacifism, his moderate stance on most issues caused his followers to desert him. He was an unsuccessful candidate to the presidential election of December 10, 1848. He subsequently retired from politics and dedicated himself to literature.

He ended his life in poverty, something of a literary hack. He died in Paris. He is considered to be the first French romantic poet (though Charles-Julien Lioult de Chênedollé was working on similar innovations at the same time), and was acknowledged by Paul Verlaine and the Symbolists as an important influence.
sweetbabe  1/24/2007
From what I can tell, Alphonse was sort of a stock character in French entertainment, along with his sidekick Gaston. And even today, if you are walking with a friend and you come to a doorway and each of you tries to be polite and let the other go through first so neither of you gets anyplace, you're said to be doing some Alphonse and Gastonning.
Starla Roxanne  9/11/2006
I would never use this. Alphonse is slang for p*mp in French.
Caprice  9/13/2005
I LOVE the name Alphonse. I discovered it by watching Full Metal Alchemist.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2005
Famous bearer: One of the main characters of the anime Full Metal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2005

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