Also Finnish name.
Alva Belmont (1853-1933) born Alva Erskine Smith and known as Alva Vanderbilt from 1875 to 1896 during her marriage to William Vanderbilt. Alva played a major role in the fight for women's legal right to vote in the US.
This is Thomas Edison's middle name, isn't it? It sounds more feminine to me, even though in the US it was more common for males. I guess it can fit either gender. I wish this name would make a comeback so it can provide a break from the horribly trendy name Ava!
It's pronounced AIL-vuh.
Alva means "fairy" in Swedish.
Correction to two comments here:
The Swedish word for fairy is älva (pronounced EL-vuh), not Alva. Ä and A are different letters with different pronunciation.
Alva is pronounced ULL-vuh in Swedish and Norwegian.
This was the birth name of American film actress Alice White. She was popular in Hollywood during the 20s and early 30s.
Alva Reimer Myrdal received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1982. Myrdal was a Swedish diplomat, politician and writer.
ALVA originates from "elf" or "fairy" in the original Nordic form (elf = alv, fairy = älva).

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