Well, the good thing about this spelling is that it’s obviously pronounced “Uh-lis-ee-uh” or “Uh-lee-see-uh”. But it would constantly be misspelled.
I really dislike this spelling.
Oh, my name. Yes, always have to tell people it's A-lee-sha. And they always mess up spelling it as well. Well I have not met anyone growing up but since Social Media, I've seen it more. We Alysias kick butt.
This is my name :) I never liked it growing up as I always had to correct people on the pronunciation (ah-LEE-sha.) But I have since learned to embrace the uniqueness. I'm still not certain if it suits me, it sounds quite soft and feminine - moreso than I feel. The meaning from the book I was named from is "captivating" (Greek.)
I love this spelling! I think it's so much cuter than Alicia. The Y softens it, and I always use 's' and 'k's instead of c's.
I love this name, it did not really fit me at first as I was a tomboy, but I have since grown into it. The only part I do not like is people never pronounce it correctly. I pronounce it: A-Lee-Sha.

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