My name is Alyssia (pronounced UH-LEE-SEE-UH) given to me in 1997. Honestly I don't know where my parents came up with this one. My dad said he thinks my mom came up with it and my mom passed away before I cared enough to ask. Anyway, it is very rare when somebody pronounces my name correctly. The most often mispronunciation I get is Alyssa (UH-LISS-UH), however others include Alicia (UH-LEE-SHA) and Alecia (UH-LISS-E-UH.) Anyway, its very annoying but happens so often that at this point I don't even correct people anymore. My family calls me Lysi (LEE-SEE) for short, but I have a friend named Alysia (UH-LEE-SEE-UH), pronounced the same as mine, and they call her Aly (AH-LEE) for short.
alyssiaramirez  1/25/2018
We named our daughter (born in September 1991) Alyssia. I quite liked the name Alyssa and thought it would sound nice with an "i" before the final "a" (prounouncing this as the earlier "y" is pronounced). It never occured to me at that time that the name Alicia existed and when she was born, the birth congratulation cards all arrived with the old-fashioned spelling of the name (Alicia).
craftyjay  8/23/2016
My mom named me Alyssia pronounced (AH-LYS_IA) AFTER ALYSSA MILANO, like one of the commenters said she too really liked Alyssa Milano after watching Who's the Boss. I love my name, it just sucks that I can't find it on a key chain.
Alyssia90  10/23/2015
My name is Alyssia, and as said by others it has a variation of pronunciations. I get my name mistaken for Alyssa, alicia (uh-Lee-sha), alisia (uh-lis-ee-uh), and so many others on a daily basis. My name is pronounced "Alicia" or (uh-Lee-see-uh). It is from a Latin root. My parents decided my name would be mistaken too often if it was to be spelled "Alicia". Now I see a slight popularity in the name, but still feel it us unique.
vlyssiv  7/29/2015
My name is Alyssia and it is pronounced ah-lis-ee-ah. I was born in 1979. The name seems to be becoming more common now but in my earlier years (elementary through middle school) my name seemed unique.
Alyssiacakes  2/25/2015
Ok. I named my daughter Alyssia in January 1994. We are of Latin origin and in Spanish the name Alicia is pronounced with the c as an "s" and not "sh" as the ci does in the English language and I wanted her name to be pronounced in the Latin way. So I "made up" the name Alyssia. Until today when I logged on this site I have not known anyone else with this name spelt this way.
cherrymoonq  4/17/2007
I named my daughter Alyssia in 1999. I loved the actress Alyssa Milano. And no one in my family (that I know of) had this name. So I had decided to put an "I" in there. Thinking I was being creative. Goes to show how the world is small and people do have the same thoughts. Although we do have problems with people calling her "Lisha". We have to say politely, "that is not how her name is spelled. We call her Aly (Ah-lee) for short. No matter the trouble of how people pronounce her name, it is still one of my favorites.
Bflower  4/7/2007
My name is Alyssia and it is pronounced uh-lee-see-uh. It is so hard to get people to realize that that is the way to pronounce my name. I don't see why people name their daughters Alyssia and decide it should be pronounced uh-lee-sha. There is no h in my name. Maybe it is just me.
mamalysa  12/13/2006
My sister is called Alyssia. We call her Lissie for short.
hana  2/7/2006
I made this name up for a story I wrote. It's a variation of Alyssa and Alessia.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2005
The problem with the name is that it can be so mispronounced. My name is Alyssia but it is pronounced like Alicia. The nurse and my dad didn't know how to spell it so I'm left with this, not that I'm complaining.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2005
I made up the name Alyssia. My daughter's dad had family members who already had the two names I liked - "Alyssa" and "Alicia" - so I decided to combine the two names and came up with Alyssia. I thought it was unique and different. I personally have never seen anyone else wih the name nor seen it in a book of names.
mariadelara  12/9/2004

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